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I was anxious to ake this four week gathering of "cellar and attic children" 
into a summer holiday - one long festival, filled with joy, devoid of a 
single tear ...

... In the forest, for the very first time, I spoke, not to the children but 
with the children, and not about what I wanted them to be but about what 
they wanted to be and about what they were capable of being.

The Summer Camp ~ Janusz Korczak


We would like to invite you to the first of a three part series of talks on 
Yanusz Korczak. It will be for a 14 hour (likrat) gmul.

The first session will be held at the Ministry of Education building in Tel 
Aviv (2 HaSlosha St., Yad Eliyahu , Tel Aviv - bus 33 from Central bus 
station) on MONDAY August 18, 2003. We will meet on the second floor - 
follow the signs.

The program will include:
9:30    Registration
10:00  Yanusz Korczak - discussion
11:00   Korczak of the Children - a documentary film
11:45   Meeting with Yitchak Belfer - Star of the film, graduate of the 
orphange, famous artist and one of the handful of survivors who are able to 
share their experiences.-Question and answer session

Booklets will be on sale at a reduced price of 10 shekels each.

We are very excited and look forward to being and sharing with you - Korczak 
Avi and Marsha

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