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They drive the spead limit down the street here and the numbers are 
transmitted.  I talked with our utilities district and a driver recently, they 
said it sure is nice and more efficient.  I asked, why don't they just use 
Satelite if they can do that? 

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we have remote readers, so no meter reader has to trek into the woods to find 
the meter.

Not sure how they work, but apparently they do.  They went to them right after 
we cut a trail to the meter so he could read it, but there was no charge.  We 
still have PUD trail, the deer use it. Aside from murdering our parakeets here 
in town, our PUD isn't so bad.


>                 Now we are supposed to be getting new electronic 
> meters which charge the standard .13 per KWH during the day but charge 
> less at night. How that works out is still to be figured out. The 
> whole idea was to eliminate the meter readers job to save the company 
> $ but they will charge us $3 more for them to fire the meter readers 
> and pay for the new meters....

Rules: Please play nicely with others.

Rules: Please play nicely with others.

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