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Thanks for the report.

You always think of the small stuff that usually works on the problem.
Skills , man. You got skills.

I think your printer happiness (unhappiness) has spread to me. My Kodak esp
9 AOI has been real good , but all of a sudden it's printing real faintly.
Have always been using Kodak genuine carts, and similar problem with the
quality.  I guess I'll go to Kodak and see if there are any solutions other
than sending it in.. It's out of warranty.

Time for something new I suppose.. this is over a year old..never fails.




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I'm not keeping track.  I don't wanna know.  :)  With the exception of the
radiator, most of the parts have been fairly cheap maintenance items.  Like
the temp gauge: only $18.  The coil and module will be $60, but I'll keep
the old ones as spares in the car, since they seem to work fine when cool.  

I don't have a huge amount invested in it and all the stuff I've replaced,
with a coupla exceptions are things I'd wanna replace on a car of that age
and mileage (although it has 100k more than the seller told me...I'm still
pissed about that) to make sure it was reliable.

Off to the parts store.


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How much have you invested in this Camaro so far?


Smokey Mt Frank 


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Yesterday I did a buncha stuff on the Camaro, including running some
radiator flush chemical (sodium citrate) thru the cooling system, then
backflushing it and finding out that my manual fan switch has to be switched
on AFTER starting the motor.  I have no idea why, but it does.

So yesterday around dusk (9 pm or so) I took it out for a drive.  Temp never
got over 160...no thermostat in it at the moment.  But.  (As usual, there's
a "but".)  I probably drove it 3 times as long as I'd ever driven it before
and, again, it stayed nice and cool.  I decided to turn back and head home
(I was almost to downtown Salt Lake City) and I made the mistake of turning
onto a street carrying traffic from the minor-league baseball game that had
just ended.  Stop and go for at least 15 minutes...and then the motor just
shut off.  

So I'm stuck in traffic with a dead motor and I turn the 4-way flashers on.
Then I twist the key and the motor starts.  90 seconds later, it dies again
and won't start.  A coupla guys push me and the car into a parking lot and I
call AAA.  Great.  I can get it hauled back to my house.  

After 30 minutes of waiting (traffic was still real heavy) and no tow truck,
I twist the key and the thing starts.  So I let it run for 5 minutes, shut
it off for a few and try again.  Starts right up.  So I called AAA and
cancelled the towing request and drove the thing home.  Again, engine
temperature never got over 160.  

Diagnosis:  Flaky ignition module and/or coil.  So today I'll go get another
bottle of radiator flush, do it again and replace both the coil and module.
Then I'll drive it for a while with the flush chemical in it, then bring it
home (assuming that it doesn't die on me) backflush the cooling system again
and move on to the next problem, the lack of a horn (the fuse is good.)  

Anyway, I'm very glad I had the AAA card, even though I didn't need it in
the end.  It sure helped with peace of mind, knowing that if I couldn't get
it running again, I'd have a way to get it home.

I can't remember if I sent this photo:

The new hood arrived yesterday and I brought it home from the trucking depot
(that's a story in itself) and it's ready to be bolted on as soon as I
remove the hood latch mechanism, which is what's keeping it from seating
correctly along the front edge.

Busy, busy, busy.  :)


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