[elky] Re: AAA card...or not

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LOL you.....................your good.
Smokey Mt Frank  

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methinks someone likes to ride in the car with his head out  the window....

I see you have it planned, but just for discussion sake, since it's  souly 
a racecar, maybe cut a hole in stock hood, and let air filter sit in  135 
MPH wind. Same as cold ram air, and avoid all the plumbing over the  engine.
Smokey Mt Frank  

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It's needed.  The carb  won't clear the hood with the single-plane manifold 
and 1" spacer...not to  mention the cold air intake:

Alla that stuff brings the  top of the air cleaner about 3" above the 
normal hood line.  The hood  has a 4 3/4" raised section.  I figgered 6" was 
overkill.   :)


On 7/22/2011 9:54 AM, _STILLFRANKSFAULT@xxxxxxxx 
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Is the raised hood a necessity, or for looks?
Smokey Mt Frank  

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_rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (mailto:rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx)  writes:

I could have been that,  but it wouldn't restart until it had cooled off.  
The O/P at idle  is around 10 psi and runs at 40 (when hot) at around 2500  
rpm.  It's about what I'd expect in a motor with that many miles  on it.

Last nite I was gonna install the glass hood on the race  car, but decided 
I'd looked at the peeling paint on the nose for long  enough.  I scraped, 
sanded and cleaned, then gave it a quick shot  of black:

The lens kinda distorts it a bit, but it  looks like what it is: a 
rattle-can job that covers the cracked/peeled  areas.  "Better'n it wuz."  ;)

I'll paint the  underside of the hood silver and the top flat black for the 
time  being.


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