[duxhelp] Re: Compinline codes

  • From: Susan <chrn3292@xxxxxxx>
  • To: duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 20:18:13 -0500


I'm not disagreeing with your thoughts on not wanting to convert the 
Word Hyperlink style. However, since this is the way DBT 10.4 handled 
hyperlinks, it is how I resolved it several years ago. DBT users I come 
in contact with are not using active links within Word and therefore 
don't care if the underlining is there to distinguish it. Consequently, 
I never felt it was a major issue to modify the Word style to get rid of 
the underlining.

George/Ian ... as one alternative, is it possible to have Swift deal 
with this issue for those who don't want to modify the Hyperlink style?


Christine Simpson wrote on 7/20/2004, 5:04 PM:

Susan, I understand what you are saying in response to my previous post
however, I do not believe that we should need to be altering the Word
hyperlink style.

Surely, DBT can be programmed to ignore the underlining of hyperlink 
text when the text is within DBT set in the compinline codes.  By doing 
as you suggest and changing the hyperlink style within the Word template 
would affect the visual look of all word documents and to my mind, this 
would be completely unsatisfactory.

I hope this makes sense to programmers like Peter and Jo.  I will be
interested to hear your responses.

Kind regards


At 12:49 AM 7/21/04, you wrote:
 >DBT is honoring the Word Hyperlink style, which is underlined (but as
 >Christine has said, you don't want the dots 4-6 in braille).
 >You can modify Word's Hyperlink by removing the underlining. You can
 >also change the font to Courier New (if you have your Word importer set
 >up that way), but in reality DBT doesn't even need that for the
 >Hyperlink style. If you want the Word Hyperlink style to be permanently
 >changed for all future documents, make sure you check "Add to template"
 >after you are done modifying Hyperlink.
 >Christine Simpson wrote on 7/20/2004, 5:42 AM:
 >           Hi All,
 >I have been trying out the "compinline" code and believe that there still
 >may be an error with it.
 >Some weeks ago I raised the concern about how it was dealing with
 >text.  Peter and Jo gave this a lot of time and that problem seems to have
 >been solved.  However,  I note that when text which in word is 
formatted as
 >a hyperlink  is imported into DBT10.5, it is surrounded by the compinline
 >codes - and so it should be.  However, the problem is that the underlining
 >is being shown and so,  a web address which comes from word into DBT
 >comes as:
 >and the web address appears in computer code brackets with dots 4-6
 >(between the opening code and the first w) to indicate the underlined 
 >Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
 >Many thanks

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