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Hi Peter.  I'm sorry I've been among the silent majority.  In part I've been
silent because I've been otherwise occupied.  And in part my silence is the
result of trying to process what you propose.  I'm having a dense day,
apparently. :)  So I'm going to think out loud and use specific values for
characters per line to help me.

I am one of those people who finds it more logical to set up multiple (but
virtual) embossers, rather than accomplish this through templates.  So,
let's say I have two embossers set up:

"Index Narrow" - 32 characters per line
"Index Wide" - 40 characters per line

If I were given a ready-to-emboss document formatted for wide paper, I would
open that document, go to Document: Embosser Setup, and select Index Wide.
If instead I were given a document formatted for narrow paper, I'd choose
Index Narrow.  If that document were formatted for only 30 characters per
line, I would want 30 characters to stick (and be displayed) even though I
just selected an embosser which normally uses 32 characters.  If I decided
in my infinite wisdom that 32 characters per line should be used, I would
change the value from 30 to 32.  In that instance, 32 would stick (assuming
I saved my document).

Now let's say I receive a document formatted for 33 characters per line.  If
I open it and then choose Index Narrow in Document: Embosser Setup, I would
like to have a dialog box appear stating that the document's characters per
line exceeds the selected embosser's characters per line and asking if I
would like to apply my settings, keep the existing settings, or choose
another embosser. At that point, I might switch to Index Wide in which case
the 33 characters would be preserved; i.e. the switch to Index Wide would
not cause 40 characters to be automatically applied.

In terms of your proposal:

1.  If you stop recording embosser setup information in the templates or
make it merely an option, it will have no impact on how I do things as far
as I can tell.  On the other hand, for those people out there who do use
templates to store different embosser settings, this change might be
unexpected and/or lead to confusion.  

2. If the document settings stick as I describe above, I wouldn't need the
additional dialog controls to choose the target embosser.  If the document
settings are not going to stick, then being able to choose a different
embosser upon import isn't going to work for me either -- I think.  If I
import a document with 30 characters per line, choosing Index Narrow through
your new control in the Import Filter/Template dialog, and it applies the
embosser's sticky setting of 32 as I believe you're suggesting, then it's
overriding the document's settings.

Maybe ready-to-emboss documents should just be given to me as brf files
instead. :)

I'm not sure if I contributed to the discussion and/or answered your
questions, or just wasted precious time that you can never get back.  But at
least you cannot accuse me of being silent. :)

Take care.

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I suppose that what I proposed won't help you.

At the same time, I don't think that it would interfere with your workflow
either.  DBT 10.6 for you would work pretty much as DBT 10.5, but with an
added control in each of three dialogs, each of which you could ignore.

The question then is would anybody else be helped?  I think that the answer
is yes, so the silence of the rest of the group is puzzling to me.

- Peter 

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Hello all, I would prefer to leave "wide paper" embosser as default.
Even you emboss a narrow paper document, text would emboss only between the
setup parameters leaving the extra space on wider paper blank.  If one
chooses to emboss on a narrow paper, what is needed is to change the paper
it self from wide to small so that "sticky document" embosses accordingly.
When I want emboss a document on 11 by 8.5 size paper, I just physically
change the paper by leaving "wide paper" embosser as a default.  That has
been the case with 10.5 and it works just fine.  I hope that helps.


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