[dokuwiki] Re: what is the startpage of a whole dokuwiki?

  • From: peter pilsl <pilsl@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 08:33:23 +0100

Thnx a lot for all that helped me on this.

My problem was that I used a modified version of the lilas-template, which has a sitemap-explorer that adds $conf[start] to every link of the sitemap and so I thought this is standard dokuwiki-behavior.

After reading your posts it became obvious that something is happening that is not standard behaviour and I began looking and found the source of evil in explorer.php of my template, where I could change it very easily.

So now everything is working exactly as I want and exactely as you predicted. Thnx a lot.

This leaves only one "problem" to me.

When creating a new namespace - lets say "mystuff" - I usually start with creating a page mystuff.txt and then from this page link to subspaces in the new namespace like mystuff:chapter1.txt and so.
I now realize that this is bad behaviour, cause the original mystuff.txt is not part of the mystuff-namespace but of the root-namespace.

While this is merely a cosmetic-problem it doubles the effort for changing ACL on a namespace and so I'm left looking for a automagic solution that scans all my namespaces and subnamespaces and moves the corresponding equally named pages into the namespace itself (with the name of an startpage of this namespace) and update all links.
If this is done, the original behaviour of the explorer in my lilas-template would make sense again. (although I will choose a different name than in $conf[start]

best, peter

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