[dokuwiki] Re: The database question: a new spin

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 08:09:11 -0500 (CDT)

>From: Seun Osewa <seun.osewa@xxxxxxxxx>
> What features exactly, would benefit from the database?

The main benefit is that you improve server availability, increasing the load 
that a given server can handle before connections start being denied and 
browsers start timing out waiting on connections.

If the database 'cache' has been built, you will probably also get some, mostly 
negligible, increase in page load times.

However, the improvement to RSS feed generation would be non-negligible on both 
accounts.  On busy sites, the RSS feed could be new with each new request for 
the feed, making it hard to benefit simply by caching the previous feed.  But 
the feed has to be generated with bits of information collected from many 
pages.  Right now the feed loads all of those pages from disk, though it only 
parses pages not previously cached.  We could store these bits in a database, 
reducing disk access requirements, and if the database caches recently 
retrieved entries, possibly virtually eliminating disk access.

Link color determination is another area that would benefit.  I doubt anyone 
would notice a change in page load times, but this disk-intensive activity 
could be reduced to a nearly diskless activity, and that probably translates to 
a huge boost in availability.

And full-text searches could also benefit, depending on how they're 
implemented.  I don't have any experience implementing full-text searches on a 
database and so can't say whether they could actually be made faster or less 
resource consumptive -- but I suspect that a database would help a lot.

Again the main issue is peak-load performance or server capacity or 
availability -- what ever the word is.

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