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This morning...after a night of calm reflection...caused by one of the most violent thunderstorms and floods of rain we have had in years, I popped down to the polling station and voted. In the UK one doesn't need any I.D. one just says ones name and address, the polling clerk ticks the name on a list, a numbered ballot paper is handed over, the number of the ballot paper is recorded on the ballot list, and then goes off to cast ones vote in secret at the ballot box. After filling it in, one duly deposits the folded paper into a numbered ballot box, supervised by a ballot box attendant and...it is all tickety boo, ready for the next citizen to participate. The ballot box was made of canvas and sealed, and when the paper was deposited, a flap made it difficult to get the paper back out again. There were no police in attendance...after all we are British, no one outside wanting to collect our polling card and ask which way we voted, and there was a steady dribble of people, mostly senior citizens.

After the polls are closed the ballot papers are taken, under seal and the watchful eye of the Head Polling Clark to the nearest counting station, where they are brought in and opened by counting clerks under the watchful eyes of representatives of the main political parties, and then they are counted. In the case of a referendum, I don't know if there will be watchful eyes from the political parties, or who it is that will challenge any ballot papers which have been filled our wrongly or are of doubtful clarity...apart from the elections officers. That will be an interesting one to find out. The United Nations committee on such matters, reckons that the UK has one of the worst voting systems in the world...worse than any 3rd world country, ever since Tony Blair changed it so that there could be polling stations in the likes of Tescos and where it was made a lot easier for postal voting to take place. It is reckoned that around one third of votes take place through the postal vote and they have all been done weeks ago, so the main campaign has little or no influence on those votes. The results will be decided on those who vote today, particularly that 10% or so, the ones, like me, who kept their options open until the moment of casting.

It was so easy, I am wondering why this is the first time I have voted in years...must have been some reason...the lesser of two evils perhaps, or the evil of two lessers. We have two methods of voting in the UK, one is secret ballot by post, where the householder can send in the ballot papers for everyone in the house, the other is by attendance at the secret ballot. We also have two selection methods in UK elections, the general election is done by the "first past the post" system, which produces a majority in a constituency, but has led to minority governments being elected since the end of the Second World War, and we have a proportional representation system, which allows UKIP to get European M.P.s elected to the European Union. As the referendum has no candidates, and only one question with two answers, first past the post will win...No gradiated answers here...like how keen I am on saying yes or no, on a grade up to 10, or room for alternative kinds of European Union, like a common market and not a European Super State...

Yougov, of which I am a member, a most respected pollster in the UK, which is why I am a member, plus they give you points for every piece of your nakedness that you reveal, and points mean prizes...£50 for 5000 points which one gets roughly every 5 years....composed of experts in polling systems, and people from the BBC and getting results which are reasonably accurate (apart from the last general election) sent me an email last night asking if I was voting, at roughly what time in the day I will be voting, and how I will be voting. The reason they wanted to know, was so that they could beat everyone else by sending me another email after I have voted to confirm that I had voted, so coming up with the result, one way or the other, before anyone else does...and even before the polling has ended...except they won't be able to publish it, due to a forbidding clause in the Representation of the People Act 1948, as amended blah blah blah. Good ole computers and clever use of them and clever marketing are all the play today, saves on people standing out in the thundering rain, collecting individual responses, in the thousands of polling stations around the country...Nuffink like having efficient computers. We will become a First World country soon, getting electronic voting, just like the US of A...but not quite yet...problem of trust, apparently...:-).

And which way did I vote...I bet you are all wanting to know...:-). No, non, nein, and nyet.

Tattybye for now.


P.S. I reckon that Remain will win, by 58% to 43%.

P.P.S And, just for the crack, seeing as we are all experts in deception on this mailing list...apart from each other...of course...where honesty, sincerity and accurate non-selective information dominates... Did you know that 5 eyes are unanimous that for reasons of security and intelligence in the western world, it is better that the UK remains a member. And where did that come from...some classified, secret document....No,no, no. The big yin, the top dog of the the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party revealed that wee gem. Up until lately, I think she was the only member of the Scottish Conservative Party...but things will change...

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I am for Remain.

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    It has been argued that the smaller the government the better, and
    the larger the worse.

    The few who most benefit from larger are adamant about its
    necessity. And
    will go to war -- police, civil, global -- to protect the top of
    the pyramid.

    And will empower spies, police, military, justice, to do what is
    to protect the privileged few inside and outside government.

    And conspire with other pyramid tops to assure their perpetuation.

    And will enforce pyramid top policies upon smaller by whatever means
    are necessary: military, propaganda, education, bribery, coercion,
    insurrection, revolution.

    And will legislate laws to justify perpetuation and criminalize
    and condone whatever means are necessary.

    And will squander societal, economic and physical resources in the
    name of "national security," a euphemism for larger government's
    pyramid topism.

    And will propound the notion that enlightened, benevolent leadership
    is essential for peace, security and civilization, while demonstrating
    as necessary the murderous mass brutality to suppress opposition
    at home and abroad, in consort with other like-minded, heavily
    armed pyramid tops.

    Statements like this assure placement in a dossier of opposition.
    So it must be said, this is only a means to seduce others to hang

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