[cryptome] Brexit v Bremain: EU Referendum 2016

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see url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0pwXLtvt2w

see url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36537180

Dear Colleagues,

Enjoy the video, very funny I thought...and very poignant...

The shit hit the fan here in the UK today. The frighteners are being put on. The Chancellor came out of bed this morning with drawn six guns, rockets, mortars and drones, targeted at the opposition and anyone who votes leave....frightened the life out of me he did. The politicians, banks, businesses and all sorts of think tanks, foreign governments, Presidents, EU leaders and Uncle Tom Cobbley an' all, are getting desperate. Why? The polls ain't looking too good, a lot of people want to get out of the EU, for all sorts of reasons, they have had enough, immigration, Turkey, economic reasons, power reasons, political skulduggery. Farage had a barrage in the Thames today he hired a tourist ferry and had a sea battle with the "In" crowd, led by Sir Bog Geldoff, the Hairy guru of the pop industry and a Loyal Irishman to the Queen. And the experts...oh! the experts.

The Chancellor says, if the people vote to leave, then he will chop £30,billion pounds off in an emergency budget. No more pension increases, even worse NHS and more holes in the roads, less houses, less money for the disabled and housing....Why? Because all the big businesses will shut down in the UK and all the financiers and the bankers will go to the EU and tax havens elsewhere...

Of course, if the UK does vote to come out, the Chancellor won't be chancellor any more, there will be an election, because there is just no way that 50 members of the Conservative Party and all of the Labour M.P.s will vote for an emergency budget of cuts of £30 billion. If we leave, why can't we have quantitative easing, I ask meself...instead of spending it on the banks and financiers and speculators, we could spent it on the NHS, the roads, the infrastructure, Hoover Dams, and be much better off. With restrictions removed, we could trade more freely with the rest of the world.

We will have poorer security apparently, Russia, which has said and done nuffink so far, is to blame, because they want us out. Obama is very concerned about it, wants an extra 2% on our defence budget in NATO, as the US is getting tired of subsidising western freedom and can't afford it so much any more. Trump wants us out.

Apparently everything is wonderful in the UK since we joined the Common Market, more jobs, more money, better standard of living. If we had been outside, all that time we would have been the poorest country in all Christendom.

Will the British citizens fall for all this guff? Will they believe politicians who have been for leaving since we first joined? Will the British people be all frightened, no longer be Churchillian Bulldogs? Of course they will, they will vote with their feet and vote to remain...:-).

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