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  • From: David Beers <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 12:47:40 -0600

Also, Sue... I for one would be *very* pleased if we could get you for a 
presentation at some time when your schedule permits.  I thought your J2ME 
Bootcamp at the DJUG in June was *excellent*.


On Wed, 4 Aug 2004 10:34:54 -0600, David Beers wrote:
> Pervasive computing.  I like that term!
> I'd agree with Bud that architecting the solution is the biggest
> challenge for me.  Part of that is probably because I didn't come
> out of an enterprise development background (unless you count web
> development, which is quite a different animal).  I suspect that my
> particular trajectory into this space isn't the most common, though.
> Here's the dilemma I'm working with.  Being basically a one-man
> show means my typical client tends to be small- to medium-sized
> businesses who have an interest in deploying Field Force Automation
> solutions just like bigger companies do.  But where the big
> companies can make powerful synchronization solutions like
> Intellisync Mobile Suite or ExtendConnect OneBridge work cost-
> effectively--and these are easy to work with from a developer
> standpoint--they aren't well suited for companies with less than
> 100 seats.
> If we're talking about Palm OS devices this often means writing a
> custom HotSync conduit, but that doesn't work well if you have
> enough users that concurrency issues are likely. And of course it
> doesn't help with non-Palm applications, where you have to write
> things like ActiveSync Service Providers (nasty, from what I
> understand) or use RAPI or SQL Merge Replication.  The technologies
> are so vastly different that aside from understanding
> synchronization at an abstract level there is next to nothing you
> can transfer from one platform to the next.  I have so many
> development environments and APIs that I have to keep in my head
> now it's not even funny.
> Of course, that brings us to Java--or at least can bring us there.
> I'm starting to do more work in Java now on the device-side (or
> SuperWaba, at least, which is compliant with the language even
> though it has its own libraries).  What I'd really like to
> understand better is how Java could help me deal with synchronizing
> application data to database servers in multi-user scenarios.
> Getting back to the enterprise stuff, there are a couple of things
> that I'd love to hear you respond to.  Two stumbling blocks for
> bigger companies considering rolling out mobile solutions are
> deployment and systems management.  Software updates are a
> nightmare if there isn't a way that you can push them out to
> hundreds of users with minimal to zero intervention on their part.
> And what happens if a user loses a device that has sensitive
> corporate data on it?  You have to convince big companies that the
> mobile devices aren't going to impose a huge administrative burden
> on them, which is why outfits like Intellisync are doing good
> business: they've worked that stuff out.  If I could do no-touch
> deployments and maybe even remotely disable a lost device and I
> didn't have to see a big chunk of my client's budget go to
> Intellisync to accomplish it, I'd be a happy camper.
> David
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> David Beers
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> On Wed, 4 Aug 2004 09:11:41 -0600, Bud Cookson wrote:
>> One of the things that we always struggle with is the
>> architecture. That is the key starting point but there are so
>> many options that it becomes a huge matrix of possibilities.
>> Especially when you incorporate the LAN / WAN architecture on top
>> of the development architecture. Just our biggest stumbling
>> block.   BUD
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>> Hi all. Usually I wouldn't blast this out to a list, but I
>> thought that it might be a fun way to get some cool ideas and
>> also to see what types of things people have seen in their
>> various travels.
>> I'm putting together a new presentation on pervasive computing
>> called 'Integrating Mobile Data in the Enterprise'. Here's the
>> full session description that I'll be doing at JAOO in Denmark in
>> Sept. http://www.jaoo.dk/speakers/show_speaker.jsp?oid=72
>> Anyway...I'm in the process of putting this together and would
>> like to start a conversation and get some feedback on a couple of
>> things: -If you were sitting in this presentation, what would you
>> be interested in hearing about?
>> -If you've worked on Mobile enterprise apps, would you like to
>> share some of your experiences...like roadblocks, technology
>> hiccups, data issues...etc -Have you seen resistance to any types
>> of technology being used in the field...lie field force
>> automation apps? -If you haven't worked on mobile enterprise
>> apps, what types of questions do you have about them? -Anything
>> else you'd like to add :).
>> Any and all thoughts are welcome for discuss. As soon as I can
>> make a meeting with my travel schedule...I'd be happy to present
>> this to the group at some point :)!
>> Thanks.
>> Regards,
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