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One of the things that we always struggle with is the
architecture.  That is the key starting point but there are
so many options that it becomes a huge matrix of
possibilities.  Especially when you incorporate the LAN /
WAN architecture on top of the development architecture.
Just our biggest stumbling block.   BUD 

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Hi all. Usually I wouldn't blast this out to a list, but I
thought that it might be a fun way to get some cool ideas
and also to see what types of things people have seen in
their various travels.

I'm putting together a new presentation on pervasive
computing called 'Integrating Mobile Data in the
Enterprise'. Here's the full session description that I'll
be doing at JAOO in Denmark in Sept. 

Anyway...I'm in the process of putting this together and
would like to start a conversation and get some feedback on
a couple of things:
-If you were sitting in this presentation, what would you be
interested in hearing about?
-If you've worked on Mobile enterprise apps, would you like
to share some of your experiences...like roadblocks,
technology hiccups, data issues...etc -Have you seen
resistance to any types of technology being used in the
field...lie field force automation apps?
-If you haven't worked on mobile enterprise apps, what types
of questions do you have about them?
-Anything else you'd like to add :).

Any and all thoughts are welcome for discuss. As soon as I
can make a meeting with my travel schedule...I'd be happy to
present this to the group at some point :)!



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