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I'm glad for you with this new contract. Good luck!

Speaking about the future meetings, I'd prefer to meet on Fridays, because
my weekends are busy with skiing/sailing depending on season. And I agree
with Jeff saying that the meetings without you will not be the same.


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Hi folks,

As is usual in the summer we had a smaller turnout for the July meeting
(just 4 of us) so the preso was kept pretty informal and the conversation
(ranging around J2ME and Blackberry) was lively and interesting.  A huge
thanks to Troy Wood for hosting us at Path Finder CG, which is a very nice
facility: lots of room, great projection technology and close to I-25 and
the DTC.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to make it for the August meeting.  In fact,
I've got a long-term on-site contract with a customer in Chicago that's
going to keep me from making any mid-week meetings for the next (knock on
wood) 9-14 months.  It's a Mon-Thu gig, so I'll be back here most weekends
but Tuesdays are right out.  I really want to make sure CoMoDev keeps
growing and improving apace with the rapid growth of mobile technology, but
the group really needs an organizer to make that possible and that should be
someone who can attend regularly.  So there are a couple of options:

1.  One of the "regulars" can step up and take my place as the organizer.
It's not a big time commitment: you just need to pester the list from time
to time with emails so they know what's going on and periodically hit
someone up to present or to help with the venue.  I don't mind continuing to
host and administer the web site and email list as my continued
contribution.  So except for some light phoning/emailing and showing up for
most of the meetings sometime close to the start time--and I've set a LOW
bar for that--there's not that much to do.

2.  The other option, which I hesitate to suggest, is that we could move our
meeting day to a Friday or Saturday when I can still attend.  Fri/Sat
evenings might be hard for some, but maybe a Saturday daytime meeting would
work if we can arrange a meeting place.  A daytime meeting would be
expensive for me since my wife would use it as an excuse to make a monthly
shopping pilgrimage to Park Meadows mall, but it would be worth it. :-)
Still, I'd want to have a pretty broad consensus from the regulars that a
changed meeting day would be ok before I'd consider this.

So, if you would like to volunteer to be CoMoDev's MC/organizer, or you have
something to say about the meeting day, speak up!  CoMoDev needs your

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing
Skype ID: pikesoft

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