[chaoscope] Re: New user, and a few questions...

  • From: "Don Goyette" <don@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <chaoscope@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 20:50:56 -0700

Howdy Nicolas and all,

Thanks for your reply!

> You can save the color settings (and/or
  the lights settings) separately as a
  csview file.

Ooops <egg on red face>. Sorry 'bout that. Four little letters come to mind ... RTFM <LOL>! I'm sorry to say that I've not read through the manual. Chaoscope is such an easy program to play with that I just never thought it would even need a manual. Found it in the install directory, so I'll go read through it now <tail tucked between hind legs>.

> I know what you mean, point to a pixel
  on the screen, guess the position in the
  gradient. It would be impossible with
  Light and Plasma mode because you can
  have hundreds of different attractor
  layers bearing a different color each
  with different intensity, ...

My goof again. I was thinking of a fractal image as a "solid" object (very complex, but solid) being rendered like a "skin" on a 3d wireframe. But, after some more thought, since I don't know the math and drawing techniques involved, this does not seem to be the case. Rather, fractal images are being drawn "live", on-the-spot (versus rendering a "skin" on a wireframe in 3D), as the equation is being executed, right? In this case yes, I can see that trying to determine where inside an equation that a specific pixel is located, in addition to where in the gradient and lighting chart it belongs ... would be next to impossible to do.

> The difference is no opacity means less
  memory used and faster rendering.

Gotcha! Thanks <smile>.

> I develop on C++ Builder 4.0 which is
  rather obsolete but does the job for now.

I got pretty involved with Borland's Paradox and Delphi in the late 90's for a while but never used their C++ Builder. If it does the job you want it to do, that's all that matters <smile>.

> You could definitely be helpful with beta
  testing so remember to put your candidature
  forward when beta testing is announced!

I'll be glad to help out ... especially after I read the manual <LOL>.

Cheers for now,


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