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<< I recently upgraded from DR-DOS 7.03's SHARE to Windows 3.1's
 VSHARE.386 (v1.01).  Now I'm finding I have a couple programs
 complaining.  MS Word Viewer 97 digs its heels in and won't run at all
 without SHARE running, and I get occasional kicks elsewhere.  With
 both SHARE and VSHARE loaded to please the complaining programs, my
 system gets noticeably sluggish.  Is there a fix, or at least a
 workaround?  Preferrably one that doesn't force me to reboot every
 time I switch back and forth between applications.
 My apologies that this isn't directly a Calmira-related question, but
 with all the power users among us, the resource is too good to refrain
 from trying to tap it.  >>

Hiya Norm!

Hmm, now maybe I'm confused between my Win95 machine and my
Win31s, but I think MS released an updated version of VSHARE.386,
the fun part may be FINDING it.  You shouldn't need to load SHARE.EXE
from command line or autoexec.bat if you only use sharing of files while
running Windows.  However, if you are running a DOS network, ie LanMan,
you would need SHARE.  Anyway...I assume you know how to load
VSHARE.386, from SYSTEM.INI, and have it installed already.  A check
of the file date-time stamp as well as file size might let you know if
there is a newer version somewhere.  If you want, I can send you a copy
of my SHARE.386, also, some MS applications will install updated
devices like share when you install them, so you may need to try re-installing
MS Word Viewer.  As for being sluggish, I'll have to check over some of
my old Win3X tip files I have on my computer at home (I'm at work now)...
somewhere in SYSTEM.INI is a setting to fine-tune VSHARE's performance.
Normally the default is fine though...my first suggestion is to look for a 
newer version...the one on this system, a Pentium 75 mHz, 8 meg RAM, is
14.58 kb and dated 08-15-1995, version "3.11" (Windows 3.11, regular 
Windows 3.1 with the "3.11 refresh" applied")...hmm, refresh files...THAT'S
where I found the updated VSHARE I think!  Look for that file, Google 
should turn up some links.  If you can't find a good download link, let me
know by email and I can send it or post it somewhere!
Send mail to my "home" email address... Wizard57M@xxxxxxxxxxxx or
wizard57m@xxxxxxxxxxxx, Wizard57M@xxxxxxx

Have a good one!
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