<CT> Re: calmira_tips Digest V4 #26

  • From: e <mts.spb.suxx@xxxxxxx>
  • To: Robin Roe <calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 23:27:54 +0300

Hello Robin,

Friday, March 28, 2003, 9:52:37 PM, you wrote:

RR> =E3e=ED=E5=F0=E0=EB =CF=F3=F0=EF=EE=E7 wrote:

>>This THE vshare update.
>>-- Binary/unsupported file stripped by Ecartis --
>>-- Type: application/x-msdownload
>>-- File: Ww1000.exe

RR> LOL, this is NOT the vshare update. I configured the list to strip
RR> and disallow attachments, and for good reason.

RR> Please don't try that again.

 Well, I'll not! But this IS the vshare.386 (v3.11.0.402) update.


PS This list is VERY strange. It does not understand Base64...
PPS I'm sorry! Do you run this list on a win3.11 machine?

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