<CT> Re: Looking For Win3.x App

  • From: "Norm Meunier" <nmeunier@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 08:50:11 -0400

On 4/23/01 at 10:12 AM Michael Lennartz wrote

>Hi Norm,
>Word 6 would be a good choice, because it works fine. There is an old
>WordStar (10 MByte), and the smallest is Textmaker (5 MByte). WS and
>TM are nearly free (they belong to several packages). WordPerfect
>comes on a 500 MB CD with cliparts and so on. 

>Mit freundlichem Gru=DF / Regards / Saluton
>Michael Lennartz

Thanks for the good suggestions, Michael.  I decided to try "Yeah Write",=
 as Glenn suggested and from my basic test-run of it, this application=
 should do just fine.  It's simple, yet effective, plus it does contain=
 some interesting little features.  My downloaded copy of "Yeah Right" is=
 the 16-bit one, Version 1.7 (the latest one).  The interface is clean, and=
 uses lots of different keyboard shortcuts too.

I didn't have a chance to print anything out with it though, but I'll leave=
 that up to my brother to decide whether it does a good enough job or not.=
  I liked this one enough that I also installed it on my sister's PC too.=

I'll check the web to see if Textmaker is still around or not... it's=
 always fun to play with new "old" apps.  Anyone out there ever use Word=
 Express?  My trial copy expired but this program is really small, but=
 powerful.  I wish I had the bucks to buy it... oh well, you have=
 everything, right?


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