<CT> Disappearing Recycle Bin/Tray Icons

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  • Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 11:20:00 EDT

Hello List!

For a number of years I have had a problem with the Recycle Bin icon or the 
Tray area on Taskbar "disappearing" when I ran Calmira as the "shell" for 
Win3X.  I think I may have found one cause of this!  I had installed Calmira 
II 3.11 beta on a resurrected 486DX2, and had no problem at all.  I waited 
about a month and a half then decided to install a spelling checker for edit 
boxes I use on several machines, both Win3X and Win95.  After installing the 
Spelling Check version 3 by Brian Quinion (it is loaded via SYSTEM.INI, as a 
"driver", usually along with other DLLs and system drivers) and restarting 
Windows to load it, my Tray area was blank on the Taskbar!  I could hold the 
mouse cursor over the area, and the "popup" hints still popup, can launch the 
apps, etc.  A double click on a blank area of Taskbar will display the icons 
in the tray, but now the Recycle Bin disappears!  So, I uninstalled the 
spelling check, restarted Windows, and everything went back to normal.  I 
confirmed on the PC I use at work that Brian Quinion's Spelling Check for 
Edit Boxes, version 3.00, did block the display of one or the other of these 
icons or Recycle Bin.  I could hold the mouse cursor over the area where the 
Recycle Bin icon would normally be located and the popup would display.  A 
double click would bring the icon back, but the Tray would then be gone.  I 
uninstalled Spelling Check, restarted Windows, and everything came back to 

I've noticed this behaviour all the way back to version 1.0 of Calmira, right 
after Li-Hsin changed the name to Calmira, my first experience with her.  
Calmira doesn't behave this way if you do NOT use it as the shell with 
Spelling Check and run it as separate application.  So, my thought is now why 
are some others noticing similar behaviour?  Is anyone else using Spelling 
Check?  And, can other background, running invisibly, driver type utilities 
cause this?  The only method I can think of at present to find out is for the 
user to remark out driver loading lines in their SYSTEM.INI file (using 
NOTEPAD or other text editor, add a ";" semi-colon, without quotation marks, 
to the beginning of the line loading a particular driver), save the file then 
restart Windows and observe to see if Calmira is now running as expected!

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!  I have hunted for the cause of this 
problem for years.  If anyone is interested I can send a zip of Spelling 
Check to you via email, and you can test this on your machine.

Thanks to all who gave advice over the course of this investigation.  I 
apologize for the length of this message and for the time it took for me to 
discover the cause!

Glenn Gilbreath, Jr.
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