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  • From: "Ross Nelson" <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 22:55:32 -0500

> > >Linux is the evil operating system from the 70's. =(
> > * Linux was not around in the 1970s. It was invented in 1991
>It was cloned from Minix which was cloned from Unix proper (version 7)
>which did indeed come from the '70s. =(

Still, it's not from the 70s.  Windows XP...made from Windows 1.0 which is 
from what, 1988?  So, Windows XP is the evil OS from the late 80s?

>I do not give a rat's ass about the flaming GUI.
>less actual) GUI UNDER LINUX!
>This ease of use does not come from command.com, but rather DOS itself.

Everything you do with the standard DOS apps can be done almost 100% the 
same in Linux, but with more options (most of which are optional).  Just 
learn to use -a instead of /a

>(who wonders why Alan doesn't just get a Mac so he doesn't have to

Now Brian, NO ONE should ever wish that on someone!

>You seem quite the expert. I suprises me you work as a prep-cook instead
>of as a unix admin, they make TRUCKLOADS of money! In fact, here's what
>I'm gonna do... I want Linux. I want to start simple. I'm used to
>windows (duh) so I want to start with a simple desktop. However, I
>started out in DOS, so I'm not afraid of a command line :)

Erwin, I've thought the same thing over and over and over about Brian.  I 
use DOS (via cmd.exe/command.com) often for stuff (I never format floppies 
except from the format.(com/exe) file (didn't it change to exe at a point?). 
  I moved to shell accounts with very little trouble.

>Which linux/wm/desktop should I start with? It should be able to run on
>my P133 with 32 MB (including X + wm), so not too much bloat please.

I prefer Mandrake (compatible to RedHat, more apps on extra CDs (from what 
I've seen...changed by now).  But, with those specs, I'd try plain RedHat as 
others mentioned farther down.

>If this goes well... I should have Kylix in a year and start porting
>Calmira :)


>think XP will be turning more people towards Linux....NT based windows is
>still less reliable than linux for one NT web servers need to be rebooted 
>least weekly where as unix web server can run with out problems for years 

Yes, but I'd take 2K (in it now) over 95/98/98SE/ME/XP anyday!

>Lets make one more comparison, if today you looked at Windows 1.0 or 2.0
>what would you think of it?  your impression would not be that good

Windows 1.0/2.0 = DOS Shell pretty much.  :)  Hehehe.  A couple extra apps, 
but that's it.

>I've often wondered that myself.. Maybe I'm dumb, or else I just have
>cooking in my blood too much. :)

Come cook me something!  Mom can't cook.  :P  LoL.  I'm just too picky.

>Excellent :)  It's the old DOS jockeys who do the best in Linux (for
>most people)... All the modern "click the pretty button duhhhh" users
>tend to do much less well.

I'm not technically old, but I do better in it than a friend who has never 
really used Linux.

>6.2 if you can not find it.  I agree with Brian stay clear of 7.x as it has
>only one down fault but its a biggie...  by the release of 7.2 I would

I have not heard of it.  What's the one down fault?

Ross, who'll get an error for copying over 70% of the message

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