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  • Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 00:19:40 -0400

Ross Nelson Wrote:

> >think XP will be turning more people towards Linux....NT based windows is
> >still less reliable than linux for one NT web servers need to be rebooted
> >at
> >least weekly where as unix web server can run with out problems for years
> >on
> >end.
> Yes, but I'd take 2K (in it now) over 95/98/98SE/ME/XP anyday!

Heh, I have used win2k and more than likely it is because of my own dumb
fault or else because I thought SP2 would fix a USB issue which turned out
to be a wrong Bios setting /Enabled USB for DOS <g> so I installed SP2 beta
then found the real problem but I do not like it too much when out of the
blue the system halts and reboots due to a fatal exception, I would much
rather see the blue screen of death in win98 if I were to use Windows more
often.  As I said in earlier posts I still have yet to find a graphics suite
I truly like in Linux comparable to some of the tools available for windows
so I have been using windows a great deal today but usually I assume let
LiLo just load Linux automatically <g>

I know about the gimp and I do like that for some things but not all <g>.
Also in Win2K the system will automatically reboot on average of every 15
mins and Win98 has been running for 12 or 13 hours without any errors
although its not Linux so it is running slow and in terrible need of a
reboot :P however as I said if I need to be in windows for now I will use
98.  Sometime if I ever have the gumption to install a windows OS again I
may try 2K again without SP2 beta and see if its any better, but not
likely....  I will probably run this install into the ground until I decide
I can live with out some things like PSP and others and switch completely to
Linux only...  Maybe I should get a better video card for my win3x box so I
could do graphics there while Linux runs on this box <g>  I only have 16
colors in Win3x :( only problem is its a second hand used P75 which means I
don't have docs and not sure what I will need to do to disable onboard
video, but that's another project another day <g>

> >Excellent :)  It's the old DOS jockeys who do the best in Linux (for
> >most people)... All the modern "click the pretty button duhhhh" users
> >tend to do much less well.
> I'm not technically old, but I do better in it than a friend who has never
> really used Linux.

I am not really old either, probably older than you if memory serves but I
can remember the days using my good ol' VIC 20 <G> That is still around here
somewhere and still working! So who knows maybe I am old :P

> >6.2 if you can not find it.  I agree with Brian stay clear of 7.x as it
> >only one down fault but its a biggie...  by the release of 7.2 I would
> I have not heard of it.  What's the one down fault?

GCC 2.96, need I say more?  Lets just say I completely believe it is the
heart of all the troubles in RH 7.0.  I receive update notices when they
update a package for security or stability issues, well used too, the email
address is now dead but anyways After 7.0 was released I would receive
something like 15 update notices a day.  That is what happens when you try
to be too darn bleeding edge <g>  7.1 still uses it and I think mandrake 8
does as well..  I am sure RH 7.2 will also be shipped with GCC 2.96 but
until then I can only hope GCC 2.96 stabilizes ....


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