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  • Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 12:55:29 -0600

so what  Ipay the update for the replay capture suite, and then I must pay for 
the upgrades for the individual programs?
I also thought that all programs are included in the download of the suite, now 
i am hearing i need to download them individually?
Which way is it?
This is getting confusing.
So please clarify this cause  if i am confused more people might be as well.
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  You will have to upgrade each program by going to Applian's website and 
download each program one by one. Pay for the upgrade first. For example, 
download Replay Music 6, run its .exe file, when install is complete choose 
exit button. Reboot your computer and then try Replay Music 6 program and read 
its user guide. Next say you want Replay Radio 9 then download its .exe file to 
your hard drive, run its .exe file, when install is finished, uncheck the 
checkbox to launch RR9 and choose finish button. Leave the recommended settings 
as is for each program you are installing there. Do not change path location. 
Keep it simple. I always reboot my computer when I install a program here. You 
can easily remove / uninstall any Applian program via the control panel and 
reinstall any program using Applian's website to find the official and latest 

  Keep a list of your registration keys. You can ask for a list of your 
registration codes by visiting the Applian website and providing your email 
address. You will be notified by email message with a list of all the 
registration codes you have.

  When you install an Applian program it may ask you for a registration key so 
have the registration key copied to your clipboard as it will simplify things 
and all you will have to do is paste in the registration key in the 
registration key form screen.

  My experience only.

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    When  upgrading to the replay capture suite, if i see that i have lets say 
replay radio and replay music do i get the current versions of the programs 
when upgrading, or will i have to upgrade the particular programs after 
upgrading to the replay capture suite?
    Please let me know. thanks.

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