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When you get the suite you get one product key that will work for all the 
programs. You install the programs you want. You do not have to use them all 
nor have to install all of them. They have a promo code where you get $15 off 
the Suite listed price. I was told one time that you could use the same product 
key on up to five computers but do not know if this is true or not. You will 
not lose Replay AV 8 if you get the suite.

The $15 off promo code for the Replay Capture Suite is,

Let me see what Leslie has to say about your questions.

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  if i were to upgrade to the replay capture suite will i still have access to 
replay av if i need it? or will that no longer work?
  also if i wanted to download the indivual programs contained in the suite 
then could ido this or will i have to install the full suite? also how many 
computers can i have the suite on?
  also with replay radio how many computers can you have that on? and how can 
you tell if you are authorized to use it on those computers if you can have 
them on more then oncomputer?

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