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  • Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 15:01:27 -0500

I strongly recommend you read the Replay Media Catcher 5 user guide. There is a 
lot there.

To record the youtube videos do the following,
Press enter key on Library tab on main interface.
Press alt+s to start monitoring
Go to the youtube video
Play it past the advertisements then stop it when your actual video starts.
Go back to Replay Media Catcher 5.
Find the Library list view.
It will show what is currently being captured.
You will hear sound beeps when you have started the start monitoring.
You will hear sound beeps when a download is finished.
When you are done capturing you can press alt+x to stop monitoring.
The above are when you are capturing via Download From The Internet method.

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  if i were to upgrade to the replay capture suite will i still have access to 
replay av if i need it? or will that no longer work?
  also if i wanted to download the indivual programs contained in the suite 
then could ido this or will i have to install the full suite? also how many 
computers can i have the suite on?
  also with replay radio how many computers can you have that on? and how can 
you tell if you are authorized to use it on those computers if you can have 
them on more then oncomputer?

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