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Yes, Replay Media Catcher 5 should work but just install Replay Media Catcher 5 
without buying it. You can use it this way as a demo. Will have recording 
limitations. You should read the user guide first to understand how it works. 
Which screen reader are you using? You have nothing to lose.

The Replay Media Catcher 5 User Guide is at


Please keep us posted on what you do and if it does work.

At first, it may appear to a blind user it is inaccessible but this is not 
true. Buttons are labeled for screen readers. Works well with NVDA and JAWS 14.

It has a menu bar.

When you first run RMC5 it will have a pop up type message. If you are using 
JAWS you will need to use your route JAWS to PC cursor.
arrow down to read the individual pop up messages that pop up throughout the 
Go back to PC cursor mode with numpad + and enter on the Yes or No button to 
select the option you want.

So the first message is going to ask you if you want to use Dropbox as your 
default storage. To save your recordings / captures to Dropbox. My guess is 
this only pops up if it detects you have the Dropbox application installed on 
your computer.

To quickly test it with the website you want to record / download with JAWS and 
NVDA simply use

Run RMC5
alt+s to start recording

Open pen your browser and go to the website and log into it and play the 
stream. Live and archived programming is there. Test it for both types.

If it is an archive (not live( just play the audio for 30 seconds and stop the 

alt+tab to go back to Replay Media Catcher 5.

The next two steps are important to remember.

On main interface of RMC 5 press enter on display List view button.

Press enter on Library tab / module on main interface of RMC5 to make it the 
active tab.

While on the library tab press shift+tab to place focu into the Library List 

This is where your recordings and downloads appear.

Read the lines in the list view.

When a recording is done you will hear sound beeps from RMC5 but I am not sure 
what the default setting is. You will have to enable sound effects if you do 
not hear the beeps within the settings which can be access by choosing the 
settings button on main UI or via one of the menu bars.

If one of the lines in the list view reads as 'complete' the recording is 

If you see one of the lines say recording or downloading it is still in 
progress. Still capturing.

When you see complete then press enter on the name in the Library list view to 
play back the recording.

If you get a pop up message asking you if you want to download a media player 
just choose no option.

If the media you are trying to play is supported on your computer you will hear 
it play.

I do not know what your website is using for audio or video formats.

Read the line entry in the list view as it will give you the format type like 
name.flv or name.mp3 or name.mp4 and so on.

If you want to convert the entry that is in the list view, simply press 
shift+F10 or applications key (context menu ky( and choose save to mp3 with 

Wait and you will see the new file in the list view. If you do not see it in 
your list view press your home key. New entries appear at the top of the list 

You will see name.mp3 for entry one and for entry two if you arrow down once 
When finished using RMC5,
alt+x to stop recording

Close RMC5.

It is very powerful program so please read the user guide and asks question on 
this list.

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  its a subscription based site so I had to pay to use it I don't know the url 
yet or if it changes for each event. its the site for duke university sports 
they quit putting it on radio so I had to do it this way I don't think that 
replay av would work for this so would replay catcher work?

  On 10/19/2013 10:17 AM, Petro T. Giannakopoulos wrote:

    Can you tell me the website URL? Do you have to pay to use the website. 
Subscription based? Or email me the website URL via private email so I can 
check it for you. I also will send a support ticket for you to see what Applian 
thinks is best for your needs. On the Applian website you can tell it what 
website you are trying to capture. If it is Pandora which others have told me 
is hard to use with the screen reader I have good news. I will be away for a 
couple of hours on Saturday but will get in touch with you via this mailing 
list or email.

    Thank you.

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      From: Darren Tomblin 
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      Subject: [blindreplay] capturing question

      hi, I have a question about which program to use to capture some audio. 
      the site that i'm captureing from requires me to login everytime I 
      access the site. I was wondering which program to use and how to 
      configure it. thanks

      Darren Tomblin (KC9JJJ)

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Darren Tomblin (KC9JJJ)

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