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its a subscription based site so I had to pay to use it I don't know the url yet or if it changes for each event. its the site for duke university sports they quit putting it on radio so I had to do it this way I don't think that replay av would work for this so would replay catcher work?

On 10/19/2013 10:17 AM, Petro T. Giannakopoulos wrote:
Can you tell me the website URL? Do you have to pay to use the website. Subscription based? Or email me the website URL via private email so I can check it for you. I also will send a support ticket for you to see what Applian thinks is best for your needs. On the Applian website you can tell it what website you are trying to capture. If it is Pandora which others have told me is hard to use with the screen reader I have good news. I will be away for a couple of hours on Saturday but will get in touch with you via this mailing list or email.
Thank you.
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    hi, I have a question about which program to use to capture some
    the site that i'm captureing from requires me to login everytime I
    access the site. I was wondering which program to use and how to
    configure it. thanks

-- 73,
    Darren Tomblin (KC9JJJ)
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