[blindreplay] Re: capturing question

  • From: "Petro T. Giannakopoulos" <petrogia@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindreplay@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:36:34 -0400

Hi Gary
Which screen reader are you using?
Which version of Replay Media Catcher 5 do you have?
With JAWS just do ctrl+insert+v and it will tell you the version number.
Or go to help menu and choose about.

The Guide interface is at best semi-accessible but can be used to download or 
play files. I have tested it. 

What is the name of the talk show? Or send it to me via private email.

petrogia @ clear . net

Put the above email back together with no spaces if you email me privately.

I have to look at the Guide interface again but look for something similar to 
talk show by using your tab keyboard key within the guide and then press enter. 
Is it radio or tv?

Press ctrl+home to go to the top.

Press tab or shift+tab until you find an edit box.

Type in the talk show name and press enter.

Press your tab key a few times and see what it has found for you.

You will hear after the talk show name a menu and its a dropdown. You will have 
options like download, play but it depends on the media source.

I am recording something right now so I can't give you the exact descriptions 
but at around 7:15 PM Eastern I will post more info for you.

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  Having problems using the guide in Media Capture 5.  I need to know how to 
find a talkshow.

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