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I think you have a logic error. there is an assistive technology sub-category in blindness and an overall technology category. you have technology information in two different places rather than one. On the other hand, if you had a blind tech category in the technology section, some might argue that the sub-category should be in blindness.

I do take exception with the phrase "assistive technology" in the blindness section. My experience is that it is used largely by cross disability folks and paid professionals serving the blind and not blind people themselves. why not just use the term "technology" as a sub-category in the blindness section? Many podcasts are not so much about assistive technology but offering support and assistance for using mainstream devices and technology effectively. Some of us have even worked to create so-called assistive technology interfaces that are so slick they have been adopted by many mainstream users and accepted as mainstream technology for everyone. Jeff, I don't subscribe to the view that every piece of technology that a person with a disability finds useful is automatically assistive technology, like many cross disability folks do. No, half the tables in a furniture store showroom are not assistive technology simply because someone in a wheelchair can fit underneath them as many cross-disability folks do. the assistive technology sub-category in blindness sounds more like a label at a blindness or disability agency rather than what the disability community might call itself.


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Hello Everyone,

I am working on putting together the categories for the OPML file that will
be added to's directory. I wanted to mention them here and seek
for your input on other categories you would like to see. Here is the
current List. The top node is Disibilities. Here are the top level
categories and where noted subcategories (subcategories will be listed after
the colon):


Blindness/Visual Impairment:
ACB Radio
Assistive Technology

Chronic Illness:
Cystic Fibrosis

Cognitive Disabilities


Mobility Impairments



Assistive Technology News
Web Accessibility



OK, get me your feedback.  You always will have the ability to suggest
tings, we just want a good start when we ship the link to Adam Curry.

Come on gang, chime in loud and proud.  No skin off my nose <grin>, change
it and make it better.

I will be providing you a list on Saturday of all of the podcasts that I
have found or have been notified for each category.  You will then have a
chance to insure you want to be included or not.


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