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Same what I was thinking, how might they produce one? I heard that many just talk in sign language, guess videocasting, but hmmm. Maybe podcasts about the technology they might use so the hearing people that help them khnow.

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Forgive me if I'm ignorant, but how would a deaf person enjoy/listen to a podcast? I guess the partially deaf could do so, but it stil seems as though it would be harder than for a hearing person.

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Also, have a category for people who are deaf. Judy

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Hey Jeff,

Another idea under sports might be "wheelchair basketball" and "wheelchair
racing".  I know, for a fact, that there is considerable interest in and
probably at least one or two podcasts on, both of these categories in the
disability community.

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> Hello Everyone,
> I am working on putting together the categories for the OPML file that
> will
> be added to's directory. I wanted to mention them here and
> seek
> for your input on other categories you would like to see. Here is the
> current List. The top node is Disibilities. Here are the top level
> categories and where noted subcategories (subcategories will be listed
> after
> the colon):
> Activism
> Blindness/Visual Impairment:
> ACB Radio
> Assistive Technology
> Chronic Illness:
> Diabetes
> Cystic Fibrosis
> Cognitive Disabilities
> General
> Mobility Impairments
> News
> Sports/Recreation
> Technology:
> Assistive Technology News
> Programming
> Web Accessibility
> Transportation:
> =====
> OK, get me your feedback. You always will have the ability to suggest
> tings, we just want a good start when we ship the link to Adam Curry.
> Come on gang, chime in loud and proud. No skin off my nose <grin>,
> it and make it better.
> I will be providing you a list on Saturday of all of the podcasts that > I
> have found or have been notified for each category. You will then have
> chance to insure you want to be included or not.
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