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There is some great teaching and learning material here. I like the video site, but the alerts and the educational resources are good too.

Nimer J

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 Fred's Head Companion - American Printing House for the Blind

        Link to Fred's Head from APH <>

Lesson Plans On The Net <>

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 12:10 PM PDT

How many times has a teacher helped us get through a tough time? I'll bet that creating those lesson plans is not a simple task. I think we'll dedicate this article to helping all the teachers out there.

The following sites offer lesson plans and tons of other teacher-related resources:

       The New York Times Learning Network

Created for students and teachers in grades 3 through 12, The Learning Network is a free news service that provides news summaries, quizzes, and even daily lesson plans.

Click this link to visit the NYT Learning Network: <>.


More than 2000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC (now called the Educator's Reference Desk) by teachers. If you have a great lesson plan you would like to share with educators all over the world, send it in. A wonderful online resource since 1992.

Click this link to AskEric/EDUREF: <>.


Teachnet offers lesson plans, teaching tools, a daily teacher- oriented cartoon, and email lists for educators. Click this link to visit TeachNet: <>.

       Surfing The Net With Kids

Barbara Feldman, syndicated newspaper columnist and mother, shares her vision of what's wonderful and educational on the Web for kids. She welcomes parents, kids, teens, grandparents, K-12 teachers, librarians and the incurably curious.

Click this link to visit the SurfNetKids website: <>.

       Lesson Plans and More for US History Teachers

The US History Site provides US History teachers with a good collection of lesson plans, timelines, and images for teaching US History. Teachers will find materials appropriate for use in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. To make finding resources easy, the US History Site has organized all of their resources by eras and topics that you can browse. You can also search for US History lesson plans through the general search box at the top of the site.

Click this link to find Lesson Plans and more at <>.

       The File Cabinet

The File Cabinet is a wiki for K-8 teachers. It has links and resources organized by topic and grade level.

If you're a K-8 teacher, you owe it to yourself to check out The File Cabinet: <>.


All Eyes on Glaucoma Campaign <>

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 11:39 AM PDT

From the website:

"Glaucoma is the world’s leading cause of preventable blindness and affects approximately 70 million people worldwide. Many people do not understand the consequences of glaucoma and, more importantly, that its impact can be significantly reduced.

The All Eyes on Glaucoma campaign has been developed to drive public awareness of risk factors for glaucoma and the critical importance of appropriate diagnosis among at-risk populations to slow down the progression of the disease. All Eyes on Glaucoma is sponsored by Pfizer Ophthalmics.

We invite you to explore the All Eyes on Glaucoma Website to learn more about glaucoma and how to best take care of your eye health <>.


The Association of International Glaucoma Societies <>

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 11:33 AM PDT

If you visit The Association of International Glaucoma Societies website at <> you are immediately treated to a highly produced musical number entitled Glaucoma Hymn. Here are the lyrics:

"Glaucoma, Glaucoma, Glaucoma
Constricting vision slowly
Halted by progress of science
Vision of a world united
Beyond all science knowing."

Soprano Melanie Greve delivers a near operatic rendition of the above. The Lyrics and Composition were created by Erik Greve, the arrangement done by Tom Löwenthal. You can download an MP3 of the song as well.

The purpose of The Association of International Glaucoma Societies is:

   * To further develop an effective world-wide organisation to realise
     common goals and improve standards for glaucoma management and

   * To facilitate and co-ordinate communication and collaboration
     between Glaucoma Societies, Glaucoma Industries, Glaucoma
     Foundations and Glaucoma Patient Societies and other organisations
     in the field;

   * To maintain and update global guidelines for glaucoma diagnosis
     and treatment;

   * To maintain and update global guidelines on publication and
     reporting on glaucoma treatment;

   * To classify, review and disseminate information on glaucoma:

   * To improve the awareness of glaucoma;

   * To create a registry of Glaucoma Societies and glaucomatologists;

   * To create a forum for exchange on global glaucoma research,
     screening, prevention of Glaucoma Blindness and WHO relationships

All correspondence to either:

Prof. Dr. Erik L. Greve, MD, PhD
Office of the Executive Vice President
Berg en Vaart
Cannenburgerweg 17- 19
1244 RE Wijdemeren
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 35 656 3303
Fax: +31 35 656 4543


Harbour Village
4672 Riverwalk Village Court 8507
Ponce Inlet, FL 32127
U. S. A.
Phone: 386-304-7890
Fax: 386-304-7890

E mail: GlobalAIGS@xxxxxx <mailto:GlobalAIGS@xxxxxx>

NonFiction Documentary Videos <>

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 11:12 AM PDT

NonFiction Videos is a website that features documentary-style videos. You'll find well-known films like /SuperSize Me/.

The site currently has 125 films in its collection and more films are being added regularly. NonFiction Videos makes it possible to embed high-quality documentary films into your course's blog or website for students to watch outside of your classroom.

NOTE: Some of the videos contain material that you would not want elementary or middle school students to view without supervision.

Click this link to visit <>.

       PBS Video Portal

PBS has made videos available on various parts of their website for sometime now. The only problem was that there wasn't one central location for all of those videos.

Well, they've launched a cool video center where you can find all of the PBS online videos in one place.

PBS Video offers videos from the most popular shows including Frontline, NOVA, Nature, and American Experience. For the younger crowd, PBS Kids ( <> offers videos as well.

If you're not sure what you're looking for, but you think PBS has an appropriate video, you can search the PBS Video center by topic.

Click this link to visit <>.


Creating Accessible School Alerts <>

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 10:30 AM PDT

As a blind parent, I can't stress enough the importance of getting information from my children's school in an accessible format. Both sons bring home a backpack full of printed material that my wife and I have a time trying to get through. There's so much information, and we always want to know what's going on at both schools, it can really take up an afternoon.

I've discussed the fact, with both schools, that there are blind and visually impaired parents with sighted children and that those blind and visually impaired parents have the right to get school information in an accessible format. The problem is that the schools simply don't know how to accomodate us. What is an accessible format? I've never asked the schools to produce braille documents, even though this is my prefered way of receiving written information, but electronic communication is accessible and would work fine.

I am so glad that there are websites that are working to solve this issue, even though they don't realize the accessibility of what they are doing. is a free alert/ messaging system for schools to use to communicate important messages to parents, students, and faculty. The system can be used to send messages via email, text messaging, instant messaging, websites, or voice messages. People wishing to receive messages from the school sign up for the method(s) through which they would like to receive messages. The School Alerts system is designed to be used in times of emergency, an unplanned early end to the school day, a weather delay to the start of the school day, or for any other time-sensitive message.

The system does not require schools to download, install, or maintain any software or hardware.'s School Alerts system is completely free and not advertisement supported so schools can be certain that parents and students won't be inundated with spam or any other advertising. The system is supported by, American Income Life, and

It simply solves the problem of accessibility for parents, students and staff who would have difficulty reading printed material. This is so cool! If you have any pull at your school, schools for the blind included, please talk to your administration about this program and insure that everyone gets the information they need for a successful school year.

Click this link to learn more about the School Alerts program <>.


Schoohoo is another free system for sending text and email alerts to parents, students, and faculty members. It can be used to send messages about early dismissals, delayed starts, or meeting times. Schoohoo is available for free to any school regardless of size.

Click this link to visit <>.


Copyright for Educators <>

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 08:54 AM PDT

Copyright for Educators is a presentation given by Wesley Fryer <> in February at ITSC. Mr. Fryer's presentation clarifies some common confusions and misunderstandings regarding the use of copyrighted material in the classroom.

The presentation is almost an hour in length, but well worth the time to watch. Click this link to watch /Copyright for Educators/ <>.


Free OCR Software for Digital Cameras and Smartphones <>

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 07:39 AM PDT

Before you make the mistake of spending a lot of money on OCR software, you should try TopOCR! This software package is designed to be simple and user-friendly for use with your digital camera or smartphone. Now, wherever you go, you can quickly and easily acquire documents from business cards, newspapers, books and magazines, all without having to carry around a bulky notebook computer and scanner.

TopOCR's Advanced Features include:

   * Incredible OCR accuracy, upto 99.8% with a 3 MP camera
   * No page limits, and no extra downloads or components needed
   * Handles images with mixed text and graphics (Manual or Auto Zoning)
   * Tolerates skew and uneven lighting
   * Multiple text output formats, including searchable PDF and HTML
   * Able to read 11 different languages
   * Powerful, easy to use Image Processing with Image Dewarping
   * Supports Smartphones
   * Includes built-in, full featured Text and Image WYSIWYG Editors
   * Post-processing spell checker for all 11 languages
   * Built-in Text-To-Speech software. How about OCR to MP3?
   * Includes a built-in multi-lingual text translater
   * Supports a Command Line Interface and a GUI
   * Make a high performance document Search and Indexing system
   * Browser Helper Mode supports creating free audio eBooks
   * With TopOCR's Web Engine, it's easy to add new features

Click this link to learn more or download TopOCR: <>. <>

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) <>

Posted: 30 Apr 2009 06:31 AM PDT

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) is the only national nonprofit organization that provides recorded and computerized textbooks at all academic levels to people who cannot read standard print effectively because of a visual impairment, learning disability or other physical disability. RFB&D operates 33 recording studios and offices across the country.

RFB&D's extensive library contains a broad selection of titles, from literature and history to math and the sciences, at all academic levels, from kindergarten through postgraduate and professional. RFB&D also offers for nonprofit sale computer and professional books on disk, specially-adapted tape players and accessories.

RFB&D offers individual and institutional memberships, scholarship programs and a custom recording service.

       AudioPlus DAISY Books

RFB&D has launched its downloadable access to popular DAISY format audiobooks, AudioPlus, and enhanced 24/7, online member service support.

AudioPlus DAISY format audiobooks feature the full navigation, bookmarking and variable speed control that make DAISY the premiere format of accessible audiobooks. Both AudioAccess and AudioPlus are available through RFB&D’s online customer ordering system.

Once downloaded, RFB&D’s AudioPlus books can be played with DAISY software on a PC, transferred to the memory of a specialized DAISY player or burned to a CD to be played with a DAISY CD player. For complete technical requirements and specifications, visit <>.

Additionally, all RFB&D members have direct access to 24/7 member service support online or on the phone. This 24/7 online service provides the highest possible quality of member support, including full membership and program support, book catalog support, technical support with equipment operation and audiobook download support for all RFB&D products.

The cost of becoming an individual member is $25 per year, plus a one-time $50 registration fee. Fees for institutional membership vary based on level of membership chosen. Visit the RFB&D website or call their offices for additional membership information.

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D)
20 Roszel Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
Toll Free: 800-803-7201
Phone: 609-452-0606
Fax: 609-987-8116
Email: custserv@xxxxxxxx <mailto:custserv@xxxxxxxx>


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