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 Fred's Head Companion - American Printing House for the Blind

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The Blond Leading the Blind <>

Posted: 12 Feb 2009 07:10 AM CST

Are you the parent of a blind or visually impaired child? Would you enjoy a place where you can talk to other parents about blindness and what to expect from your child? If so, I have a blog for you!

From the blog description:

"I am the mom of a blind 5 yr. old. I want this to be a place for parents of visually impaired children to meet each other. Let's share our experiences, wisdom, struggles, frustrations, funny stories, and ideas with each other!"

Sounds like a great place to get started!

Click this link to visit the Blond Leading the Blind blog at <>.

Old JAVA Can Be Bad for Your Computer <>

Posted: 11 Feb 2009 01:12 PM CST

True enough, coffee on the computer could be a bad thing, but I'm not talking about coffee, I'm talking about software that is designed to bring the internet to life.

Java software in general and the Java JRE in particular allow you to run applications called 'applets' that are written in the Java programming language. You probably have Java JRE installed on your computer because these applets allow you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, view images in 3D, as well as many other daily tasks.

Unfortunately, Sun Java has become a popular attack target for hackers and criminals as it can be found on almost every PC. The folks at Sun have responded by regularly releasing new versions that patch newly discovered vulnerabilitiesThere's only one problem, when you install a new version of Java, the old one is not deleted. Sun does this just in case some old applications won't work with the latest Java version. In my experience, this is a rarity, but that's the case.

JavaRa is a free utility that will permanently remove all old and vulnerable versions of Java from your PC.^DNB Usage couldn't be simpler: just download it and run it. Select either "Check for Updates" or "Remove Older Version" to start the program and it will clean your system.

Click this link to download JavaRa from the RaProducts website: <>.

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