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 Fred's Head Companion - American Printing House for the Blind

        Link to Fred's Head Companion <>

Christine's Website for the Blind <>

Posted: 27 Jan 2009 08:28 AM CST

As a visually impaired individual, Christine, the creator of, says that she "struggled with the massive amount of information available on the Internet." She has therefore constructed a website to stockpile relevant data in one spot for the blind and visually impaired community.

"The website is an amalgam of different information. There is a very useful job links page that is constantly being updated, most of these positions are specifically for the blind or visually impaired," explains Christine. The site also has a discussion board that focuses on the topics relevant to the blind and low vision community. "I also have an interview page in which I interview noted blind or visually impaired individuals. The resource and vendor links are also very useful tools for those seeking this information. It is my goal to make my website a useful tool for my blind and visually impaired peers."

For more information, click this link to visit <>.

Create Your Own Email Reminder Service <>

Posted: 27 Jan 2009 08:09 AM CST

Have you ever received an email that you didn't want to deal with right that second? Maybe it's a reminder of a bill that needs to be paid, or a doctor's appointment. You might think of moving it to a temporary folder, but what if you forget to check the folder on the day of the appointment? Don't worry about these things anymore, I've got you covered. is a service that lets you schedule when email messages appear. Just send the email that you want later to x@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Say you want the email in five hours? Send the email to 5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Want it on Saturday? Send it to saturday@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The free version lets you send up to five email messages per day. The premium versions are very reasonable.

Click this link to press the snooze button on your email messages with <>.

The Blind Online Success System <>

Posted: 26 Jan 2009 01:38 PM CST

The Blind Online Success System (BOSS for short) is a free comprehensive internet marketing apprenticeship and coaching program that helps those who are blind or visually impaired to learn about online marketing so they can build and run an online business.

The BOSS program explains how internet marketing works and what will work for you. BOSS understands that there is real work involved in running an online business and they can teach you the CORRECT skills to learn to do the RIGHT work to build a successful online business.

You get personal access to mentors who not only understand the real steps necessary to run an online business, but also understand the special needs of the blind and visually impaired when it comes to doing so. They regularly evaluate tools and software to determine which are screen reader friendly, and will make your business more profitable.

Many OTHER internet marketing courses just offer theory. This is much different.

You will get the chance to develop and refine your business skills by working directly with the Blind Online Success System with different projects and by helping others the program with projects. These real-world applications of the information you will be learning allows you to get a well-rounded knowledge of internet marketing and how it really works.

Click this link to learn more about the Blind Online Success System: <>.

Seeing with the Photography Collective <>

Posted: 26 Jan 2009 12:19 PM CST

The Seeing with Photography Collective (SWPC) "is a group of photographers based in New York City who are visually impaired, sighted and totally blind. Coming from diverse backgrounds, [they] share an awareness of sight loss, along with the determination to dialogue and integrate [their] images into a more universal context.

Sighted assistants focus and compose the view camera's frame directed by the blind artist. Then, in a darkened room, they leave the camera's shutter open as they slowly paint their sitter with a small flashlight- exposures lasting many minutes. Luminous distortions, and glowing forms result from the technique, not digital altering."

The web site provides more information about the organisation and a gallery of enlargeable images. The 'collective members' area provides a list of members; it is intended that this area will include links to individual members' work. The 'about SWPC' section includes links to related web sites.

Click this link to visit the Seeing with Photography Collective website at <>.

       Additional Resources

Challenged Visions - John Dugdale & Flo Fox by Robert A. Schaefer Jr. <> Shooting Blind: Photographs by the Visually Impaired <> Blind Photographer Is a Man of Vision - Pete Eckert by Delfin Vigil <> Ralph Baker, (refusing to be) Blind Photographer <>
Evgen Bavcar <>
Tactile Photography - Mariliana Arvelo & James Patten <> Blind Eye Photography: <>

Applying for Disability Benefits <>

Posted: 26 Jan 2009 10:44 AM CST

The following information was posted to the Disability Information and Insight <> blog and is reposted here for your convenience.

These kits provide general information about Social Security's disability programs & how decisions are made on applications for disability benefits. The Disability Starter Kit will help you get ready for your disability interview or online application. Kits are available for adults & for children under age 18.

The kits provide information about the specific documents & information that will be requested. You will be asked for more details during your interview or when you complete the online Disability Report. The kits also provide general information about the disability programs & the decision-making process that can help take some of the mystery out of applying for disability benefits.

Each Disability Kit contains a: Fact sheet that answers questions most people ask, & a Worksheet to help you gather and organize the information you will need.

The information has been updated, you can click this link to download the kits: <>.

Deadline Extended! Vote for the 2008 Blind Bargains Access Awards <>

Posted: 26 Jan 2009 10:28 AM CST

The deadline has been extended to cast your votes for the second annual Blind Bargains Access Awards. Many categories are running very close, and your vote could determine the outcome. Vote for your choices in each of the eleven categories. The awards will recognize the greatest achievements, companies, websites, and people for 2008 and are decided by your votes. The final deadline is now this Friday, january 30 at 5 PM Eastern.

Click this link to cast your vote! <>

Access to Assets at the World Institute on Disability <>

Posted: 26 Jan 2009 09:27 AM CST

The World Institute on Disability is an internationally recognized public policy center organized by and for people with disabilities. It works to strengthen the disability movement through research, training, advocacy and public education to help people with disabilities throughout the world to enjoy increased opportunities to live independently.

Founded in 1983 by leaders of the Independent Living Movement, WID's work focuses on issues and problems that directly affect people's ability to live full and independent lives. WID's programs address employment, economic development and financial stability issues; conduct research and policy analysis on personal assistance services, accessible health care, technology and other topics; and provide assistance to non governmental organizations (NGOs) and disabled leaders in developing countries. A majority of the Board and staff are persons with disabilities.

       Access to Assets

Approximately 20% of the United States population lives with some level of disability, and people with disabilities are almost three times as likely to live in poverty than any other group. WID's Access to Assets project opens doors for the disability community by promoting asset-building and financial literacy among people with disabilities. Asset building is an anti-poverty strategy helping low-income people move toward greater economic independence by saving and purchasing long-term assets. Building assets, as a complement to increasing income, provides the stability to escape the cycle of poverty.

Access to Assets bridges the gap between the asset building and disability communities through the following services:

   * Training and Technical Assistance: Advise asset-building
     organizations how to include consumers with disabilities in their
   * Disability Community Outreach: Inform disability organizations
     about available programs and relevant federal policy.
   * Policy Analysis: Develop and influence federal asset-building
     legislation conducive to the participation of people with
   * Public Education: Distribute monthly EQUITY e-newsletter. The
     newsletter includes articles by leaders in the field, program
     administrators, and participants in asset- building programs,
     helpful tips, answers to questions about disability issues,
     federal policy updates, and resources.

To learn more about the Access to Assets program, contact:

Thomas Foley
Access to Assets Project Manager
Toll Free: 866-723-1201
Phone: 510-251-4341
Email: tom@xxxxxxx <mailto:tom@xxxxxxx>

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