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Flight Tracking: Listening to Air Traffic Control Online <>

Posted: 23 Jan 2009 01:01 PM CST

You can listen to all communications between a control tower and it's incoming airplanes or even track an airplane from the beginning of it's flight to it's arrival.

By live feed from a satellite you will know the planes current altitude and speed, where it is located and a glimpse at the approximate time of arrival. The mapping of flights in real-time is based on the air traffic control system.

There are no costs or restrictions in doing so and many official websites are starting to provide the service. This can come in useful when curious about a family members flight, or when anticipating an arrival without knowing of it's progress.

Air traffic control (ATC) is responsible for providing crucial information to pilots around busy airports. They communicate with pilots on designated radio frequencies to keep airport operations running smoothly and safely.

While every airport varies, terminal controllers usually handle traffic in a 30 to 50 nautical mile (56 to 93 km) radius from the airport.

Using the Internet you can also listen in live to aircraft radio chat between planes and the control tower, and plane to plane traffic.

Hear what happens behind the scenes at some of the world's busiest airports. Listen to live transmissions between air traffic controllers in the airport tower and pilots landing and departing from the airport.

Call signs in aviation are derived from several different policies, depending on the type of flight operation being conducted, and depending on whether the caller is an aircraft or a ground facility. In most countries, unscheduled general aviation flights identify themselves using the call sign corresponding to the aircraft's registration number (also called N-number in the US, or tail number).

Click this link to listen to live aircraft radio traffic: <>.

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Hassle Me By Email or RSS <>

Posted: 23 Jan 2009 10:55 AM CST

Do you struggle sticking to your workout plan? Or remembering to call your grandmother? At times we all need a little reminder. Some use post it notes, Outlook tasks or maybe your spouse gives you constant reminders. Many of us will try just about anything to keep track of our to do lists.

Hassle Me offers their service free of charge via email. Simply type in the message you want to be reminded about and they will "hassle" you with an email as often as you'd like. Maybe you have it all together and don't need any help, but I think this could be useful.

Click this link to visit the Hassle Me website: <>.


ReminderFeed is a simple tool that allows you to send reminders right to your feed reader. It's free to use and is pretty much hassle free, meaning you don't need to create an account to use it. Just type in what you need to be reminded of, and subscribe to the RSS feed.

You will need to give your reminder a title, a start and end date, and a description. Optionally, you can also add a link and include a password if you want to protect edits to your reminder. ReminderFeed will then generate an RSS feed that you can subscribe to and share with others. It's a great way for anyone to quickly set up a reminder that won't get lost in your inbox or sent to your already overloaded calendar. It's great for families on a busy schedule too!

Click this link to visit <>.

The Deaf Blind Communicator <>

Posted: 23 Jan 2009 09:08 AM CST

The Deaf Blind Communicator (DBC) is the latest product from Humanware for the BrailleNote family of notetakers. It turns any existing BrailleNote into a communications solution for someone who is deaf blind.

The Deaf Blind Communicator allows you to engage in several types of conversations. These include standard TTY calls, PC to BrailleNote conversations using a telecom program on the computer, DBC to DBC conversation for two nearby BrailleNotes running the DBC via Bluetooth, use of messaging services, text messaging, and face to face using the Smartphone provided. In the case of instant messaging, the BrailleNote will need to have a connection to the Internet as well as information for accessing a XMPP messaging server. For texting to be available, a SIM card will need to be present in the DBC Companion Smartphone.

The provided Smartphone is referred to in DBC documentation as the DBC Companion. There is no screen reading software on this phone, and it is, for all intents and purposes, inaccessible to a blind user. Through the software installed on the phone, though, the BrailleNote communicates with the phone and does provide the user with the phone's battery status when you check the BrailleNote's power. When you start a face to face conversation, the phone vibrates and repeats an audible message telling the sighted user that the blind person cannot hear and asking them to have a conversation with them using the mobile device. The person holding the phone slides it open to reveal the keyboard, and types messages that appear on the BrailleNote. When the user of the Braille Note types a message, it appears on the screen of the mobile phone. This mobile phone is also used as a means of notifying the deaf blind user when the phone line connected to the Braille Note is ringing. This allows them to answer TTY calls that come in.

Click this link to read a review of the Deaf Blind Communicator by the National Federation for the Blind (NFB)a <>.

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