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Look at the last two or three articles. This new daisy reader sounds cool, and extra battery life? Awesome!

Nimer J

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 Fred's Head Companion - American Printing House for the Blind

        Link to Fred's Head <>

Find Podcasts On The Web with CastRoller <>

Posted: 16 Apr 2009 12:40 PM PDT

CastRoller is an online podcast subscription tool. Users can add their favorite podcasts and will receive personalized recommendations for podcasts they might enjoy. They can add their friends and see the podcasts that their friends are listening to and share episodes with them. With CastRoller, you can manage your podcast subscriptions in one place and use the RSS feeds to have the episodes delivered to all of your devices automatically.

Social features like the creation of channels that revolve around a certain topic or event are also accounted for, effectively letting you categorize the podcasts you like best and group them together for viewing convenience. A service like this makes it possible for anybody to have personalized entertainment delivered straight to their players, as well as sharing interesting content with others.

Click this link to find podcasts with <>.

Reid Minion Enhanced Document and eBook Reader for iPhones <>

Posted: 16 Apr 2009 10:50 AM PDT

Minion Software has unleashed another minion named Reid, an iPhone application which provides enhanced document and book reading on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Reid allows the user to set their preferred font, contrast, and many other settings as well as offering two different assisted-reading modes to meet the needs of both low-vision readers and speed readers.

In addition to providing free ebook content, Reid allows you to log into your own Google Documents account and download anything you've stored there. This gives you access to ebooks you've uploaded yourself, personal documents, or anything else you've stored online. Reid was designed to give the user the control to customize the reading interface to their own unique needs. Reid includes the following features:

   * For low-vision users, the ability to use large fonts and control
     the display contrast and polarity to maximize their ability to
     read clearly
   * For speed readers, the ability to set reading display and style to
     minimize fatigue and help the reader maintain focus at a high speed
   * Highlight mode which presents a moving highlight to help the user
     keep pace at a preset speed
   * Word flash mode which presents words in a flashcard style,
     allowing the use of large fonts while maintaining readability and
   * Access to free ebooks
   * Access to the user's own Google Documents account so the user can
     read their own documents or load their own ebook content

Reid Minion runs on the iPhone and iPod Touch with OS 2.0 or better. It is available exclusively at the iTunes AppStore.

Click this link to download Reid Minion from the iTunes Store <>.

QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier <>

Posted: 16 Apr 2009 09:09 AM PDT

You'll love our latest low vision aid discovery. To help you read fine print on medicine labels, food packages, contracts or even read what you are writing, the QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier is the perfect solution. This handy gadget enables you to magnify anything you are trying to read!

QuickLook Basic is a lightweight, full color, electronic print magnifier with an integrated LCD flat screen display. View photos magnified, enlarge the print on a prescription bottle, or read anything anywhere anytime with QuickLook. It's small enough to fit in the inside pocket of a jacket or a ladies' purse, but big enough to make a difference.

QuickLook Basic turns ON easily. Simply tilt the camera angle to the Reading" position, then the display will appear instantly. Writing is easy, too. Simply tilt the camera to the preset "Writing" position, then begin writing. Grip and hold QuickLook Basic in the most comfortable handheld position.

QuickLook's standard magnification is 6.5x. QuickLook Basic has proven useful for consumers who use even a 12x magnifying glass, particularly because of the wide 4.3" diagonal reading screen, the Positive or Reverse image enhancement, and Brightness level adjustments. Features include:

   * Lightweight and portable Compact size, easily fits into a ladies'
     purse or men's coat pocket!
   * No monitor needed it's built-in! Color, B/W, and Reverse Displays
     (4) Semi-Color Text/Background Choices: Yellow/Black Green/Black
     Yellow/Blue Blue/White Enhanced contrast modes for better
     readability of text.
   * Use it as you would use a magnifying glass, it can be orientated
     in any direction
   * Fast recharge Magnification ranges for ease of use

Click this link to purchase the QuickLook Basic Portable Video Magnifier from ActiveForever <>.

Buttercupreader reads DAISY 3 digital talking books Online <>

Posted: 16 Apr 2009 08:16 AM PDT

ButtercupReader is an early demo of a web based application which enables you to read, listen to & navigate through DAISY 3 digital talking books online. It's a free application that helps people access digital books and the information contained within Word documents.

The only software needed to access ButtercupReader is Microsoft Silverlight, which is free and just takes a few minutes to download.

Intergen provides information technology solutions across New Zealand and the world based exclusively on Microsoft’s tools and technologies. The company worked with Microsoft and The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind and in a relatively short period of time developed an inventive application that is free, open-source software.

Buttercup can be used worldwide by the publishing industry, the education sector, information providers and corporate trainers to make materials and products accessible to people with print disabilities such as blindness or dyslexia.

Adaptive Technology experts from the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind helped Intergen to ensure that Buttercup provided a highly accessible experience for users with a wide range of print disabilities.

Click this link to learn more about ButtercupReader and to try it for yourself: <>.

Q-Tips May Help Your Cell Phone Battery Last Longer <>

Posted: 16 Apr 2009 07:09 AM PDT

From the office of Yes, Really comes this tip for maintaining maximum cell phone and laptop battery life: Real Simple advises you to swipe a cotton swab dipped in alcohol across the battery contacts (make sure it's not dripping with alcohol, I assume).

They say this helps "maintain good battery connections and sustain the charge for a longer time."

Click this link to read the original article that includes other tips for using items from the bathroom <>.

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