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Well, I used the "Quick search" and searched for Stephen King with no quotes 
and got 19,000 results.  Then I searched for Stephen King with quotes and got 
1,600 results.  The first results were books by King and later results 
contained text with the words "Stephen King".  

Then I used advanced search and searched for the author Stephen King and got 75 
results.  I generally search for authors so will probably stick with the 
advanced search.

For me, Google is far more user friendly than this new engine, but then I don't 
plan to browse through lots of books just for the fun of it.

Lori C.

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  Hi Jamie!

  I searched for Edna Ferber and got over 200 results. The books that she wrote 
were displayed at the beginning, and there were many other references too--some 
appropriate, and some not--like James Ferber.

  Like you, I'm not finding this new search function that user friendly. 
*smile* Guess there's a definite learning curve.

  You're correct when you say it's impossible to know if a book is in the 
collection without looking closely at every result. Am I missing something here?



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  I just put in the author's last name like I normally would in the search box 
and I was surprised that I got so many hits and then dismayed that most of them 
were not even close.

  You use it just like you used to use the search box. That's why I tried the 
advanced search and it still gives way too many results that aren't even 

  Jamie in Michigan

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