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Lori, When using the quick search, you could have gone to the modify search area, and opened up the combo box with most relevant authors, and arrowed down to Stephen King. This should have brought up just the books by him.


Lori Castner wrote:
Well, I used the "Quick search" and searched for Stephen King with no quotes and got 19,000 results. Then I searched for Stephen King with quotes and got 1,600 results. The first results were books by King and later results contained text with the words "Stephen King". Then I used advanced search and searched for the author Stephen King and got 75 results. I generally search for authors so will probably stick with the advanced search. For me, Google is far more user friendly than this new engine, but then I don't plan to browse through lots of books just for the fun of it. Lori C.
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    Hi Jamie!
I searched for Edna Ferber and got over 200 results. The books
    that she wrote were displayed at the beginning, and there were
    many other references too--some appropriate, and some not--like
    James Ferber.
Like you, I'm not finding this new search function that user
    friendly. *smile* Guess there's a definite learning curve.
You're correct when you say it's impossible to know if a book is
    in the collection without looking closely at every result. Am I
    missing something here?
Blessings. Lynnsky
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    I just put in the author's last name like I normally would in the
    search box and I was surprised that I got so many hits and then
    dismayed that most of them were not even close.
You use it just like you used to use the search box. That's why I
    tried the advanced search and it still gives way too many results
    that aren't even relevant.

-- Jamie in Michigan

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