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Cindy, Julie's suggestion is a good one, and I think most of us would agree.
<Smile>  No need to make changes.  Take care, and have a great 4th!


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> Hi, Cindy. I would just leave the book the way it is, but that's just me.
> it doesn't upload properly, or if it doesn't read properly, or at least if
> the underlining doesn't show up, that is how the actual text is, so it
> should be left alone, or at least that's what I'd do. Take care.
> Julie Morales
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] underlining o.k.?
> The book I'm validating now has a lot of words underlined. Does that
> o.k.? I mean, when you
> download a book with underlining can you read it o.k. or does it get
> corrupted? Should I do something
> else, like make it bold? I think I did another book with underlining but I
> don't remember.
> Cindy
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