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Yes, volunteer help and donations are always needed by libraries. Several of 
the branches I know if in 
different places have used-book stores within them; books are donated to them, 
they?re run by 
volunteers, and the proceeds go to buy books for the library ?plus some books, 
especially Young Adult 
and Children?s, that are in good shape are offered to those librarians first. 
One library has an nice large 
room manned by a volunteer with a back room for storage of older books. Another 
has an alcove with a 
sofa and a couple of stacks of shelves and they just made space else in the 
branch for more shelving; 
in that case the librarians take the money for books bought. The third library 
has a tiny corner ?probably 
a converted closet, with shelving from floor to ceiling on the 3 sides (the 4th 
is the door). The librarians 
here take the money, too.  All these "stores" are set up and managed by Friends 
of the Library.  

I only mention this in such detail to add to what Shelley said; these are 
additional ways to have books 
available every day for sale to benefit one?s library branch and also to 
alleviate to some extent the 
problem of storing donated books while waiting for book sales.


P.S. It's interesting the different prices these different places charge for 
hardbounds, too. (The price for 
paperbacks is pretty much the same -- 25 or 50 cents). One rarely charges more 
than $3, usually $2; 
one other seems not to charge less than $4. Both are in relatively affluent 
neighborhoods, too.
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