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I am working on Little Eddie, it hasn't been submitted yet.

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  Hi, at one time, two books were on the checkout list for proofing and I 
wonder what happened to them if anybody happens to know.  Little Eddie by 
Carolyn Haywood and God's creative power for healing by Charles Capps.  I know 
the Charles Capps book had a rating only of good, so I kept a check on the 
rejection queue and never ran across it.  I thought somebody mentioned little 
eddie on this list and I'm not sure if I found it on the checkout list or not 
but could almost promise I did.  Can anybody tell me if anybody is working on 
these books as I've at one time or another searched the awaiting approval 
queue, the books in process, and the checkout list.  I may have searched 
elsewhere, but I don't remember.  I just did a search on the bookshare main 
site for little eddie and it wasn't there.  However, I'm impressed with all the 
ones that are there.  I liked the Eddie books.  I remember little eddie the 
most and at least wanting to read eddie's menagerie at one time.  Thanks in 
advance and have a blessed day.  

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