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Yes, the page count announced by a screen reader will be different from the 
number of hard page breaks if soft page breaks are encountered in Word, which 
can be a source of great confusion. That's why people should adjust their page 
length so as to eliminate them.


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  Now I'm a little confused, and I thought I understood this.

  In word, if one encounters a soft page break does the page count at the 
bottom of the page (the one that speech announces when it changes) does that 
page count increase? If so, then the page count and the number of hard page 
breaks would be different. (Yuck!)

  Then, of course, there is always section breaks to worry about... but that's 
another story for another day.

  Good night all.

  Bob (wonders off muttering incantations)
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    The Bookshare tools don't "get rid" of soft page breaks because they aren't 
actually in the rtf file. They are simply artifacts that word displays when the 
page size is too short between hard page breaks. The hard page break is an 
actual character in the rtf file that the Bookshare software can see and count. 
The soft page break that Word shows is not. Not having soft page breaks  
doesn't do anything to the page numbering because only hard page breaks count. 
So if the page numbers and hard page breaks match up, the page numbering is 


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             I didn't realize that they didn't count, and I've always deleted 
them, though usually when I put in a hard break they disappear. Does the 
conversion process get rid of them? But what does that do to the page numbering 


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New and a couple questions
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              How do you determine what is a hard or soft page break? I'm using 
Microsoft Word XP and WindowEyes 7.1 to do my proof reading.


              Jamie Yates wrote:
              > Hi Melissa and welcome! I would add that you want to make sure 
that the extra page breaks are true page breaks and not soft page breaks that 
don't count. If you had a real page break and a soft page break next to each 
other, and you deleted the true one, thinking the soft page break was the real 
one and the real one the extra one, now you wouldn't have enough page breaks.
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