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Dear Judy,

Generally it isn’t an ocr problem. It has to do with the font and or the amount
of saturation of the ink. Even if the scanner knows a certain word is coming
out wrong repeatedly if they adjust the settings in either direction, one or
many other errors crop up.

Recently I proofread a book where the letters cl scanned as d. There were also
several stray periods, commas, and even slash marks because the book had more
ink splatters than usual.

Another kind of error that comes up in droves is the lack of periods and commas
because they are attached to the prior letter and so the scanner can’t detect
them as separate punctuation marks.

Always with love,


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Hi Judy
That is interesting not sure that I have seen that before but they have seen
the scanning software take another letter in put another one there instead not
lower casing the word before never seen that before.
But that's definitely an interesting one.

On Nov 4, 2015 3:32 PM, "Judy s." <cherryjam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've run into a couple books recently when proofreading that have the
following scanno: the word hi in lower case instead of the correct word in. It
occurs throughout the entire book.

You guys who scan, what causes this? Is it a characteristic of any particular
OCRing setting or program?

It's more of a curiosity question than anything else, mostly because it's
cropped up a couple of times now. It's a scanno a proofreader finds only if
they are carefully reading the book word for word, because it of course doesn't
show up on a spell check.


Judy s.
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