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  • Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 13:58:57 -0500

    Kelly, I do just what you're describing, but as Mike said, it's really a 
matter of personal preference.

Happy scanning!

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  Hi everyone, 
  I have a new question, but I'm a bit worryed that it might be one of those 
"sencitive topics".  So, I'm apoligizing now for it, if it is one.
  I'm going to start scanning a book and it's title page is not page after the 
cover.  Can I scan the front cover and back cover before going into the book?  
I know I validated a book like that, so I'm asking.  :)  The covers are in 
rough shape so I'm not totally shure how they'll scan, but I'm want to try.  :)
  Kelly C

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