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I am having trouble understanding the concept of page breaks. If one is validating in Kurzweil or on the BrailleNote, how would you know if there were page breaks if there weren't page numbers?
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You can mark the quality as whatever you feel it is. There have been books
I've done that, because of dialect, the software gave it a lower rating but
I knew it was better than that. If the software gives it a rating and you
believe it's actually lower than that, for whatever reason, I see no reason
why you couldn't do that, too. A book won't be rejected for lack of page
numbers, so long as it does have page breaks. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Hey, I'm going over a book that I've scanned, and not all of the page numbers came through in the scan. If a book is submitted with semi-sporadic page numbering, will it be rejected? Oh and also, when you're uploading a book, can you suggest that the quality is lower than what the computer suggests? Thanks Eliza

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