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Hi list!

I just submitted these two books.  Here are the synopses so that you get an 
idea of what the books are about.


Thicker Than Water (Mordecai Young Series, Bk. 1)
by Maggie Shayne

Straight-laced upstate New York news anchor Julie Jones has a deadly secret: 16 
years earlier, as a teen runaway named Jewel, she fled the besieged burning
compound of fanatic cult leader/drug dealer Mordecai Young, with his hidden 
fortune and her dying best friend's newborn child. Self-proclaimed "Reverend"
Young and the rest of his cult, save two other "favorite" girls, perished in 
the attack by federal agents-or so Julie always thought. But when a blackmailer
threatening to expose Julie is murdered and two former "favorite" girls turn up 
dead as well, it appears the messianic madman may be after the daughter
Julie has raised as her own. Her only ally is sensationalist shock-jock radio 
reporter Sean MacKenzie, Julie's worst professional rival. Suspense thrums
throughout due to Shane's (Twilight Hunger, etc.) seemingly effortless skill at 
teasing readers with surprising but believable plot turns. Just as 
a different, delicious way-is the snappy sparring between the reluctantly 
paired co-anchors; romantic sparks fly between them as fast as witty insults,
making this a tasty, tension-packed read.


Edge Of Twilight (Twilight Series Book 10) (Mira Romance)
by Maggie Shayne

His name is Edge, and he is the last of a band of Immortals who have been 
hunt4ed down and murdered by Frank Stiles -- an enemy determined to unlock their
deepest secrets. Vengeance has become Edge's obsession. To claim it, he must 
find the young woman whispered to be the Golden Child.

A legend among the undead, Amber Lily is the only half human, half vampire ever 
born, and is possessed of power even she is unaware of. Amber alone understands
the dangerous threat of Frank Stiles. Only she may hold the key to his 
vulnerability . . . and his doom.

Amber shares Edge's need to get to Stiles. But she needs to keep him alive for 
reasons of her own. Edge is exciting and dangerous, and despite her own instinct
for self-preservation, Amber is drawn into his hunt. In doing so, she will cast 
her fate to the wings of the night, to a passion that may be her destiny,
to an evil she may not be able to defeat -- to the edge of twilight where only 
the Immortals belong.

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