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Hi guys,

I just submitted:

The Night Drifter by Susan Carroll

This is book #2 of the series.  I submitted book #1 *The Bride Finder* last 
night and will be submitting book #3 tomorrow.  Headers have been removed, 
pages are all present with page numbering, and junk characters have been 
removed.  Enjoy!

Susan Carroll sweeps us back to the moonlight
and magic of the Cornish coast, to the billowing mists
swirling about the storm-lashed cliffs, to the mysterious
St. Legers and the romantic legend of their Bride Finder.

Lance St. Leger is defying his destiny. The eldest son
and heir to Castle Leger, he has returned from the army
determined to continue his role as rakehell and black
sheep, plagued by an infernal restlessness that cannot
be appeased. Perhaps because the St. Leger legacy of
strange powers is most pronounced in Lance's own
dubious gift. He calls it night drifting-his ability to
separate his body from his soul, to spirit into the night
while flesh and bone remain behind. And it is on one
wild night's mad search for a magnificent stolen sword-
the icon of St. Leger power-that he finds her....

Rosalind, a young, sheltered widow with a passion for
the Arthurian legend, mistakes Lance's "drifting" soul 
for the ghost of Sir Lancelot. Seeing that she is in       
need of a champion, the St. Leger rogue assumes the   
role of the tragic knight, not knowing that this 
woman is his destiny, his perfect mate.

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