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Will the three period in a row look that way on a braille display?  Thanks.  


Monica S 



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Hi Monica,


You can do a find and replace.  In the first find what box, type .. .  two 
periods and space, then another period.  In replace box type three periods 
right together.  Then replace all.  That should take care of it.


Sue S.



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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] elipses in books


Hello list.  I had a question about elipses.  On the Braille display, in the 
book I have scanned, it shows word period period space period followed by the 
next word.  How would I depict or write an ellipsis so it’s represented 
properly in Braille?  Also, is there a way I could do a find and replace once I 
found the first instance?  Thanks very much. 


Monica Svopa 



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