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Hi, before proofreading I attend to a bunch of stuff which I check. One
of these is the ellipsis thing. The way to get around this is to do a
find-and replace. You will have to put different combinations of wrong
ellipses in the find box and the triple periods without spaces in the
replace box. Just use whatever combinations you can think of: spaces
between dots 1 and 2 and 2 and 3, space between dots 1 and 2 with no
spaces between dots 2 and 3, and the one where you have no spaces
between dots 1 and 2 and a space between dots 2 and 3. Last step is to
delete everything you put into the find box each time. The last thing to
make doubly sure is to put into the find box Word's symbol for an
ellipsis and keep the 3 periods in the replace box. I usually hit alt+A
for replace all rather than tabbing about. I've found this works for me.
Regards, Kim Friedman.   
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Hi Monica,
You can do a find and replace.  In the first find what box, type .. .
two periods and space, then another period.  In replace box type three
periods right together.  Then replace all.  That should take care of it.
Sue S.
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Hello list.  I had a question about elipses.  On the Braille display, in
the book I have scanned, it shows word period period space period
followed by the next word.  How would I depict or write an ellipsis so
it's represented properly in Braille?  Also, is there a way I could do a
find and replace once I found the first instance?  Thanks very much. 


Monica Svopa 



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