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Ah, Patti, it sounds like you're having the same problem I was having. I 
have no clue why it's happening. I don't type in the file name...well, I 
have, and that didn't change anything, either, but typically, I just browse 
and click on the file that way. It saves the trouble of me possibly 
mistyping anything, but yes, that's exactly what happens to me. It says that 
some of the fields aren't filled in correctly, and the only thing that's 
changed is that the file field isn't filled in and I have to redo it, and no 
matter how many times I try to do it or no matter how many different ways I 
try to go about it, I still can't get it through, either. Take care.
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I am trying to submit a book in the rtf format,it is called I'm a Believer
by Micky Dolenz.  I  keep getting the message that some files are not filled
in or are incorrect.  They are not, and they are all there.  I even gave it
a one word title, Believer,  and still get that message.  Could some one
please tell me how to fill out that file upload field?  I am doing it like
c:mydocumentsI'mabeliever.rtf.  Is that what I am doing wrong, not writing
it correctly?
Ps. I even did the browse button, and opened the file on the computer; still
got the same message.

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