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Hi, Patti. No. When you click the Open button, it takes you back to the 
screen where you'll notice that the edit field is filled in with the file 
name, and you can continue on with the form to submit the book. What she 
meant was that you'll still have to click the button on the Bookshare page 
to actually submit the book. Take care.
Julie Morales
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    So, I go to the open button and hit enter on it, then to the ok button.
Right?  Thanks, Kelly.

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> Patti,
> You will choose the open button, but it won't actually open the file.
> Instead, it will be like the ok button and park the path name for the file
> you want in the edit field. You still have to go press accept afterwards,
> just like you would if you were typing the path.
> Kellie

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