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Hi Patti,    
Sometimes junk in a book can be due to something other than the page being seen 
by the scanner. Does your book have a dust jacket? Or perhaps could it have 
writing on the inside of the front cover? I've seen books where the pages don't 
fold over completely and part of the text from those pages can bee seen, which 
results in junk characters. I generally would take a post it note or two and 
put them in the front to "hide" that text from the scanner.

    As for changing settings. Contrast in OpenBook can be helpful to fiddle 
with it sometimes. You can try switching from 300 dpi resolution to 400. If 
you're brave, try using Color Scanning. Do you have despeckle turned on? That 
might help eliminate some junk.

Let me know what you've tried and if any of this helps,
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  How do you know what to change your settings to when scanning a book?  I have 
a book that has an incredible amount of junk in it, and I have no idea how to 
get rid of these errors.  If you don't know what kind of page it is, dark or 
light, how do you know what to change settings to?  I tried changing some of 
the settings but it is making no difference.

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