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OpenBook v6 is very old.  Since then there have been significant advances 
in accuracy of text recognition.  You may still be in time to obtain a low 
cost upgrade to Openbook 8.  You may want to contact Freedom Scientific at 
In most cases, current OCR packages have little problems with title pages. 
 Conversely, in olden days title pages were. . . terrible.


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[bksvol-discuss] Scanning:

I lay the book on the scanner with the back cover facing left and the 
front cover facing right. But every Time I lay a page of the book like 
that on the scanner especially the title page it comes out jibberish like 
abunch of letters and a bunch of periods. I use a epson scanner as well. I 
use use version 6 of openbook. Could that be why the title page comes out 
Is there a version of open book that can recignize text better than 
version 6.0 of open book?

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